Landing page design 101

The question that always comes up when creating landing pages is, should one hire a designer, or use a landing page builder? This is a very valid question from many perspectives, including: budgetary, functionality, and working with external service providers just to name a few.

Setting yourself up for success

There is no doubt about it, a well crafted, well designed, and well executed landing page is a huge factor in the conversion funnel. The longer you can keep your visitors’ eyes on your landing page, the better odds you have in getting them to positively act on your call to action.

All too often, we set out with grandiose ideas of what our landing page should do and this is wrong. We need to set realistic goals for every landing page. After all without evaluating the true potential of your landing page you cannot know what it is to look for. 

This is the key to setting yourself up for success. One you have your goal you will know if the design of your landing page is working.

And just what is design after all?

Good question! Design is not just images. It is the entire visual display. It is the presentation. It is the lifeline of your landing page.

A landing page needs to be clear and concise. The text needs to be simple. If you are using complex words, more often than not you will lose your audience. 

The design of the landing page also needs to factor in margins and empty space. The point of the empty space, specifically, is easily overlooked. In a world where we can have access to anything and everything and at any given moment, it is necessary to provide this empty space, because in doing so we bring out the key elements. If your landing page is filled to the brim, then you are probably losing traffic due to the fact that your call to action is not standing out the way it should be.