A landing page Is ...

  • equivalent to a page in a product brochure highlighting a single item.
  • a stand-alone, focused page on your website that promotes a specific topic or product.
  • a single webpage with the sole aim to convert your visitors into customers.
In today’s world, websites have taken on the role of a company’s brochure. However, many websites have lost focus and instead of driving revenues, they drive traffic away from their site. When building websites with multiple, focused landing pages, you are really distinguishing your product and giving it the proper attention it deserves.

Why is a Landing Page so Important?

Think of your website as a store. The beauty of a landing page is that when visitors come to your website via online banners or search engines they do not need to enter your “store” via the front door. With a landing page, you direct them straight to the product they want to see and past all the distractions and clutter of the front window display (aka your homepage).

By turning the spotlight on your product in the form of a landing page, you are setting clear goals for the page both from your and from your customers’ perspective. Landing pages have a strong focus on the designated product with a clear call to action. 

  • PageWiz helps you set up powerful landing pages with a strong call to action.
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The Main Benefits of Landing Pages

A powerful landing page affords your product with exceptional benefits:

  • Succinct pages dedicated to each product in your catalogue.
  • Eye-catching and easy to understand.
  • Higher and easier conversion for “hot” leads.
  • Allows you to easily shuffle your product offering.
  • Directing traffic straight to the product they are looking for.
  • Perfect marketing platform niche products.
  • Monitor web traffic and conversions in real time.
  • Maximizes pay-per-click advertising campaigns making them more cost effective. 
Landing pages are key for players in the online marketing arena. PageWiz knows how to capitalize and make your landing page stand out. Try it out for yourself and see how easy it is.