What is a must in a landing page?

This is a very popular question amongst online marketers and while there is not one magic formula that works for everyone there are definitely certain guidelines that have been tried, tested and proven. 

PageWiz offers a wide variety of easy to use templates that are all up to standard. Below is a brief guide to the key aspects of a landing page and how to get your visitors to convert into active customers.

Headline, headline, read all about it!

The headline above is no mistake. It is specifically phrased to be a play on words from the famous call of the early 20th century newspaper boys to indicate that some big news has happened. And that is what a headline needs to be.

More specifically, headlines need to be clear, concise and witty. Headlines need to be prominently placed on your landing page so that your visitors have a clear sense of what you are offering them. 

Go back to the newspaper idea and think about your landing page as a full page advertisement in the newspaper. If a reader does not get the point of what you are trying to say in a matter of a few seconds, then he will flip the page. The same holds true with landing pages. Your headline is a must, and it must be good.

Get some call to action and some sharp copywriting

There is nothing like navigating to a landing page by using a keyword search and knowing right away that this is the page you are looking for. More often than not, it is because the landing page has persuasive copy and a strong clear to action. While the copy tells the story, the call to action punches the message home. 

Save 50% on your first purchase! Qualify for free shipping today! These are clear calls to action and the copy that embodies them must be fully supportive of this main, critical message. Every quality landing page must convey one clear single story. This is key.

A picture is worth a 1,000 words

Finally, there is nothing that communicates trust like a trustworthy image. No matter what you are selling you can always add this trust to your consumers by placing images that truly show off what it is that you are trying to sell.