Email Marketing

11 Tips to Make Your Email Marketing Successful This Year

Latest digital marketing reports extracted from a survey undertaken in the year 2014, suggest email marketing to be the best channel to extract the maximum rate of interest. Here is what the experts suggest to be the current email marketing scenario:                 With email marketing ranking first among [...]

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Karl Blanks

How to Find the Balancing Act of a Well-Designed Landing Page – Dr. Karl Blanks

The final installment of my talks with judges of ThemeForest’s Pagewiz Landing Page Design contest is with Dr. Karl Blanks, one of the founders of Conversion Rate Experts. Karl left rocket science to turn to the world of online business and conversion. Since then, he and the rest of the team at Conversion Rate Experts [...]

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Michael Aagaard

Make Decisions Easy on Mobile Landing Pages – Michael Aagaard

With mobile data traffic set nearly double in 2015, no landing page strategy is complete without considering the mobile landing page. Fortunately,  ThemeForest’s Pagewiz Landing Page Design contest has set aside a mobile category. Judging the Top Expert Prize “The Best Mobile Centered Landing Page Template Design,” is Michael Aagaard from ContentVerve. Michael has been [...]

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Josh Miles

Josh Miles: Move a Landing Page Design beyond the Aesthetic Brief

Welcome to the second in my series of talks with the judges in ThemeForest’s Pagewiz Landing Page Design contest. While the first installment focused on the science of conversion, this post is all about understanding the user experience to design an effective landing page. I spoke with Josh Miles, founder and principal of the award-winning [...]

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Optimization Mistakes Small

7 Conversion Rate Optimization Mistakes You Must Avoid

If you’re interested in online marketing and you want to easily close marketing packages with clients, there are three words that can help: Optimization A/B testing CRO – Conversion Rate Optimization We won’t just promote you via organic search. We’ll set up Google AdWords and A/B split test your landing pages to optimize them and improve conversion rates. Whoa! [...]

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Brian Massey

Top Expert Judge Brian Massey Shares Insights on Landing Pages Designed to Convert

With his more than 15 years of online marketing experience and focus on achieving measurable bottom line results, Brian Massey brings a keen eye as one of the judges in ThemeForest’s Pagewiz Landing Page Design contest. He’s also the sole judge for one of the contest’s four Top Expert Prizes, $1000 for “The Best Conversion [...]

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call to action

How to Optimize a Landing Page with Better Call to Action Strategies

How to transform a landing page into an effective lead generation page has always been a concern for many web owners. That is why, many focus on conducting frequent A/B split test to learn which element needs to be tweaked properly for an efficient call to action, and which practice needs to be discarded. The Landing [...]

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Business Landing Page - small

Do Not Publish Your Business Landing Page without These Key Elements!

Is your offer converting as you would like it to? Sometimes, you can create a great offer for your target audience, yet the conversion rate remains poor. This can happen just because you neglected to include some or one of the must-have elements of a highly converting business landing page. Here is my solicitation: Do [...]

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Video on landing pages

Why You Want to Make Room for Video on Your Landing Page

As a graphic designer, you already appreciate the ability images have to affect people. The power of video to move people is exponential. According to Dr. James McQuivey at Forrester Research: One minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. That’s a lot of communication happening in one minute, which makes video a forcefully persuasive element [...]

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Click to Call

Click-to-call Tracking: Measure how Human Touch Increases Sales

All advertising executives want to see when their efforts are getting through to consumers, and the online world is certainly making it easier to do so. Think of all the things we can do now in the 21st century which they can’t do in the time of Mad Men: create highly targeting online advertising campaigns; [...]

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