Landing Page Template Design

Pagewiz is Partnering with ThemeForest for the Largest Landing Page Template Design Contest Ever

High converting templates are the heart and soul of landing page design. Powerful landing page builders and beautiful templates are essential for any marketer’s digital toolbox. With this in mind we’re overjoyed to announce the launch of the biggest landing page template design contest ever. Pagewiz is partnering up with ThemeForest, one of the world’s [...]

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Pixel Perfect

Creating Pixel-perfect Landing Page Designs for Smashing Results

Web Designers and/or graphic designers can create some seriously stunning designs using today’s most commonly used tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, or the new and exciting kid on the block. At Pagewiz we know how important it is for designers to be able to be precise and pixel perfect accurate with their design work, even when [...]

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LinkedIn Network

How to Grow Your LinkedIn Network in Your Target Market

Your LinkedIn experience improves the more LinkedIn connections you have. You’ll show up more and rank higher in LinkedIn people search results. You’ll also be more likely to show up as a suggested connection on other members’ LinkedIn home pages. And of course, you’ll also enjoy the benefit of the actual connections. However, there’s no [...]

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Landing Page Leads

How to Maximize the Potential of Your Landing Page Leads

A couple of months ago, I ran a campaign for a real estate agent in New York. He wanted to attract people who weren’t just interested in cheap housing, but in changing their whole life style. Money wasn’t the issue or the message. Everyone is offering houses for cheap (even if they aren’t). He wanted [...]

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Generate Leads Social Media

7 Ways Social Media Can Help to Generate Leads

Social media is an important channel for engaging with your target audience and amplifying your message. It is also an important venue for gaining qualified leads. Whether your business is B2B or B2C oriented, social media can play an important role in your lead generation strategy. Yet, your mere presence on social media sites is [...]

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Page with Multiple Forms

Elevate Conversion Rate on Your Landing Page with Multiple Forms

You’ve probably come across this situation before: your internet browser takes you to a landing page that has a great headline at its top, which is immediately followed by a form, with which you can submit your details. This often leaves you wondering: Is that it? Am I really expected to send my details over just [...]

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Designing CTA Buttons

Designing a CTA Button that Hits the Sweet Spot

How easily can visitors to your landing page find your call-to-action (CTA) button? If your answer wasn’t “How can they miss it?!” – then you may have some work to do. The formatting of your CTA button is a critical part of designing a landing page that converts.  Pay attention to these design aspects of [...]

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Multiple Forms Per Page

[Important Upgrade] Pagewiz Introduces Multiple Forms per Page with Pixel Perfect Design

The best way to know what type of landing page works best for your unique offer is to simply test it on your live landing page campaign, to see what converts better. If you are going with a long landing page for your online campaign, you’re going to need to have another lead capture form about [...]

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Design Resources

7 Design Resources for Creating Awesome Landing Pages

So far we’ve covered how to write persuasive copy for your landing page, how you can personalize the content people see, and even how to improve your PPC campaigns with appropriate landing pages. So now you know how to build the most awesome landing pages. You know what you’re still missing? You’re missing resources. Where [...]

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Emotional Targeting

How To Increase Revenues By 304% Using Emotional Targeting

A few weeks ago we finished running our first rounds of conversion optimization tests for one of Asia’s dating sites. One of the most important and unique things about emotional conversion optimization is the possibility of increasing revenue right from the first step of your funnel before starting to optimize the checkout process. In less [...]

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