Social Listening

Using Social Listening to Focus Your Nonprofit Online Marketing Message

The rapid ascendancy of social media over the past decade, with 71% of adults visiting social media sites through early 2014, has not gone unnoticed by nonprofits, about half of whom (48%) recognize its importance to their overall marketing strategy. Still, 67% of 9,000 small- and medium-size nonprofits in a March, 2014 survey report having no social media strategy. [...]

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Marketing Podcasts

22 Online Marketing Podcasts Well Worth Listening to

A good online marketer always tries to think of great new ways to market the product / service they’re promoting. A great online marketer should also find out what other online marketers are constantly up to… Today’s online marketing arena is so fast to update efficient working methods and marketing hacks that you simply cannot [...]

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Call to Action Question - Header

To Click or Not to Click – That is the Call to Action Question

Everything on your landing page leads to this moment – – > inspiring your reader to click that call-to-action (CTA) button. Your landing page has painted a specific vision of the wonderful future that awaits the reader once they click that button. Now it’s up to your CTA button to seal the deal. Does the [...]

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Nonprofit Landing Pages

5 Ways Your Nonprofit Landing Pages Can Increase Conversions Tomorrow

The whole point of landing pages, yes, even nonprofit landing pages, is to convert incoming traffic. The conversion may be to sign a petition to protect the rain forests, or donate to the fight to abolish child labour. Whatever your cause, the objective of the nonprofit landing pages is to introduce people to the problem, [...]

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Social Selling

Why You’re Failing at Your Social Selling Campaigns

The rise of social media, expected to capture 2.5 billion users by 2017, represents a paradigm shift and a new opportunity in B2B marketing. For the first time, B2B customers are a community of users who discuss everything from their jobs to politics to business products and services. Forrester Research confirms that B2B customers are buying [...]

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New Customers

They’ve Converted, Now What? 3 Ways to Keep New Customers Coming Back

You got people to sign up and even buy something. But they haven’t been back in a while. What’s the problem? The fact is, 80% of your future revenue will come from 20% of your current customers. That means most of your new customers won’t be coming back and there are many reasons why. Some [...]

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Multiple Client Accounts

[New Feature] Manage Multiple Client Accounts on PageWiz

Every Pagewiz account can be managed by more than one person, if you like. You can invite another Pagewiz account owner (doesn’t have to be a paid account) to view and manage your landing page campaigns for you. Those ‘others’ are possibly your online marketing agency, or a talented landing pages designer, who can beautify [...]

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Landing Page that Converts

How to Draft a Landing Page that Converts All 3 of Your Audiences

I’m going to share a secret. I’ve written here before that the most effective landing pages are geared specifically to a single target market coming from a particular source. Using a different landing page for each of these pairings (referral source + target market) in your marketing campaign lets you deliver to each the message [...]

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Content Discovery Tools

6 Great Content Discovery Tools for Your Social Media Streams

In 2013, almost 2 billion people worldwide were using social media networks. That number is expected to grow to 2.5 billion by 2017. Even so, most small businesses still haven’t jumped in, and those which have are doing so less than enthusiastically: through the middle of 2013, less than one in four small businesses had [...]

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Your Landing Page

The #1 Reason Your Landing Page Isn’t Working

You have a landing page. No, you have an AWESOME landing page. You’ve written some killer copy, found an inspiring image, and have ads directing tons of traffic to your landing page. And it just isn’t working. You wait a day or two, increase the ad budget, but still there’s nothing. Zip. Nada. Your company [...]

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