Voice Search

How voice search is shaking up the marketing landscape

Reading Time: 6 minutes

Search is currently going through something of a transformation. As Google gets more sophisticated at understanding our search queries, the way we find information is becoming more intuitive and ‘human’. Online search has become a conversation, rather than an awkward keyword guessing game. In addition, the stigma against talking to mobile devices in public appears [...]

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Your Startup’s Unique Origin Story Can Be Your Most Marketable Asset

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Blood, sweat, tears – ask the founder of any startup, and she’ll tell you those are the building blocks which went into her company.  She has toiled for months, even years to make this happen, often in some cramped space hidden away in the bowels of someone else’s building.  Dig a little deeper, and you [...]

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16 of the Best ‘Don’t-Miss’ PPC Posts of 2015

Reading Time: 6 minutes

Summer is here, which means 2015 is already half over. Where did the time go?  Well, a lot of people spent it writing about PPC strategy and tactics, never-ending sources of evolving challenges. In case you missed some of the great PPC posts during the first half of 2015, we’ve compiled some of our favorites. [...]

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6 smart shifts email marketers need to make right now

Reading Time: 6 minutes

Have you participated in running race competition back in your school days? Remember, how all of us used to queue up waiting for the race and run the miles swiftly with an aspiration to win? Email marketing is no different. Marketers aspire to win the email race by standing out in the cluttered inbox. Some [...]

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A Mobile Responsive Landing Page Is Crushing Your Conversion Rate

Reading Time: 12 minutes

You may have heard that Google had recently updated their algorithm to favor mobile-friendly web pages. That’s obviously a move in the right direction, considering the growing percentage of people using mobile devices to access web pages. The movement towards the new responsive approach hotness is all fun & games until you realize it’s not necessarily right [...]

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Repurposing Your Event Content: 33 Awesome Ideas

Reading Time: 6 minutes

Repurposing content is such an obvious win. And few content types provide as rich field of repurposing opportunities as your webinar or seminar. Considering the effort put in to developing the event content and the marketing content supporting it, not repurposing it is just wasteful. Here is a list of 33 ideas for repurposing your [...]

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How to Convert Your Affiliate Marketing Traffic Into Sales

Reading Time: 10 minutes

Affiliate marketing is a common channel used to make money online. There are many benefits to getting involved in affiliate marketing opportunities. An affiliate marketer is someone who makes money without having to produce, buy or distribute any products.A merchant partner is a business enterprise or a company that pays affiliate commission on sales, saving money [...]

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Event Marketing

A Simple Event Marketing Plan to Ensure Your Next One is Packed

Reading Time: 8 minutes

You’ve lined up knowledgable speakers. Or maybe you’ve toiled, putting together a river-rush of your own informative content for your audience. Either way, no one wants to put on a webinar or seminar to an empty house. Indeed, it seems the greater challenge of putting on an event isn’t presenting worthwhile content, but getting people [...]

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Event Planning 101 – Towards A Great ROI

Reading Time: 6 minutes

Events provide a wonderful opportunity for you to build relationships with your target audience and generate goodwill and leads. The common consumer is constantly being bombarded with so many marketing attempts and messages from business organizations that it often takes a little extra to convince them to make the purchase. Event marketing is a great [...]

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15 New Landing Page Templates That Will Make You Go: OMG!

Reading Time: 5 minutes

You’ve been patiently waiting for them, and now, they’ve finally arrived: We are happy to introduce quite a few brand new, carefully designed landing page templates, which are already integrated into the Pagewiz platform. Psssst… 8 of them are included in your Pagewiz account pricing! You don’t need to add a dime. You’re welcome The [...]

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