PPC Landing Pages

How to Build PPC Landing Pages that Convert

Pay per Click campaigns, using PPC landing pages, are a major traffic source for many websites. It doesn’t matter if you’re using Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, or even sponsored Tweets. Your marketing budget will have a significant chunk set aside for advertising campaigns. Of course, as you all know, setting up a PPC campaign is [...]

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B2B Brands Amplification

5 Powerful Ways B2B Brands Can Amplify Their Social Media Campaigns

While it may have taken some time, it seems that businesses have finally caught on to the importance of social media and the many ways an online presence can impact not only their reputation, but their profits as well. In fact, according to a 2014 study conducted by Social Media Examiner, nearly 100% of businesses [...]

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Socializing Your Emails

Socializing Your Emails: Advanced Tactics that Boost Engagement

Reports of the death of email are wildly exaggerated. Seventy-five percent of adults – across all age groups except 65+ – prefer companies communicate with them through email. With various studies showing 4000% ROI on email marketing, companies should love email back. But what about social media? Isn’t that where all the action is? Some [...]

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Soft Metrics

Soft Metrics That Have A Significant Effect On Your Bottom Line

Everyone wants to increase sales and grow their business – that’s practically a given in the marketing world. Increasing sales numbers and related key performance indicators (KPIs) is typically the main task for most marketers. And it is almost definitely the one that your boss cares about the most, regardless of whether said boss is [...]

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How to Write

How to Write High Quality Articles with These 5 Time-Saving Tools

Writing an article that is of a high quality requires more than just structuring an outline and entertaining the reader. It is in many ways a creative art based on the use of online marketing tools that help us gather and organize the information to be contained in the article. This gives the article validity [...]

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Squeeze Pages

Squeeze Pages: The Secret for Optimizing Your Website Conversion Rates

Email lists are one of the best weapons we marketers have at our disposal. Email lists that include our most relevant audience are an awesome way of marketing. We can use these lists to introduce new products and create sale opportunities. We can even find new users via Facebook (but that’s a subject for a [...]

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Ultimate List Marketing Lists

The Ultimate List of Ultimate Marketing Lists

These six groups of marketing resources cover the major components of what you need to know to build a foundation of online marketing knowledge and create solutions for marketing problems. There are a variety of ways to access the information, from simply reading to links to blog, videos, and infographics. There is some critical information in [...]

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Landing Page Conversions

Formatting Basics Lay the Foundation for Landing Page Conversions

A good landing page takes its readers on a journey. Long or short, its elements must combine to bring each visitor to the same final destination – a conversion. How the landing page is formatted either eases their way or throws up roadblocks. You want everything on your landing page to reduce the friction that [...]

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Nonprofit Blogs

27+ Nonprofit Blogs that You Should Read

There are hundreds if not thousands of nonprofit blogs on the internet. With so many to choose from, narrowing your search to find the most worthwhile can be a challenge. Time is at a premium for most of us, so we’ve compiled a collection of a few of what we consider to be the best [...]

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Landing Page Case Study

4 Things I Learned From The Amnesty Landing Page Case Study

In 2007 Amnesty International, a nonprofit organization, ran a campaign to raise awareness and donations for one of their humanitarian efforts. The campaign led their target audience to a relevant landing page, which was tested in a variety of ways to see what sort of impact different buttons, colours, and messaging, had on boosting their [...]

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