Taking PPC to The Next Level by Staying Flexible

Reading Time: 12 minutes

PPC marketing isn’t solely about search engine ads anymore. With technological advancements comes the need to alter and enhance advertising strategies. You must be willing to adapt and do what’s necessary to gain cost-effective click-throughs on all the various platforms. Whether you represent a major corporation or small creative business, you’ll want to get out […]

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Accessibility: Tips to Improve Forms and Raise Conversions

Reading Time: 10 minutes

When it comes to designing websites, ones with less accessibility lose sales to others. So here are some key reasons why we should focus on access, knowing our customer, and the ways we can increase conversion rates by optimizing it. SEO and Accessibility are related. What can be read on screen readers can be indexed by […]

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Why You Want to be a Facebook Authorship Early Adopter

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Facebook recently rolled out new functionality on its Author Tag to make it easier for readers to follow pages and writers they like. As a freelance writer, I don’t hate this. But it sounds a bit similar to Google Authorship, which was snatched away. So what’s going on here? What’s Facebook up to? Why Is Facebook Doing […]

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Minimalist Landing Pages

Why Minimalist Landing Pages Are the Best And How To Use Them

Reading Time: 9 minutes

When it comes to webpage design, far too many people are still interested in creating flashy landing pages. Once marketers learn of the possibility to design & create a live landing page for their campaigns, they will often want to show off all of their skills, demonstrating all of the tricks that they have learned. Alternatively, when […]

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Landing Page Design: How to Improve It to Get More Conversions

Reading Time: 7 minutes

In this digital age, almost all of our daily communications lie in the hands of the Internet. From messages, to video calls, to emails and social networking sites, our lives are dependent on it. With all of this conducted through the Internet, it’s not a surprise that the demand for e- commerce has seen a […]

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How to Create a B2B PPC Campaign that will Generate More Leads

Reading Time: 6 minutes

PPC campaigns are typically associated with B2C e-commerce, but B2B companies shouldn’t overlook them. Lead nurturing is the critical path for closing B2B sales. Properly done, it leads to higher value sales and closing sales at lower cost. But you can’t nurture a lead you don’t have. This is where a PPC campaign designed to […]

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5 Tools to improve your Social Media ROI (on a budget)

Reading Time: 9 minutes

As the organizations are gradually realizing the importance of social media, they are also increasing the budgets allocated for the same. But increasing budget also means that the marketers cannot do it casually. They must deliver visible and quantifiable results. This is exactly where the question of return of investment comes. So, how to measure […]

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How Understanding Your Customers Can Justify Higher Pricing

Reading Time: 13 minutes

I thought I’d found the perfect computer bag. I’d bookmarked the site weeks ago, but continued my due diligence search before committing to it. Now I was ready. I went back to the site to buy the perfect computer bag (my research confirmed that it was) in my preferred color – green. Only this time […]

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How to Optimize Your Landing Page by Interpreting User Behavior

Reading Time: 8 minutes

The web site visitor is always right – even if she doesn’t know it. According to the guest on our second podcast, Dr. David Darmanin, founder and CEO of Hotjar, your customers and website visitors tell you where and how to change your landing page to boost conversion. Sometimes directly; more often indirectly. But they will […]

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Landing Page SEO

How to Do That SEO Thing for Your Landing Page

Reading Time: 9 minutes

In the world of internet marketing, we’ve all heard of Search Engine Optimization, and we all know we need it. Unfortunately, a lot of us don’t know exactly “how to do that SEO thing”, other than that it’s got “something to do with keywords and Google”. Trust me, those are two lines I’ve heard plenty […]

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