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2017 Digital Marketing Predictions

By Laura O’Donnell  |   Reading Time: 28 minutes

2016 has been quite a year for changes – the expected and the unexpected. And, we’ve definitely seen changes and introductions of new tools in digital marketing this year. For instance, Facebook Live has paved the way as a new ‘outlet’ for marketers and Google’s ever-increasing algorithm updates continue to make the search engine smarter…. Continue Reading

My Talk with ConversionXL Founder Peep Laja

By Elisa Silverman  |   Reading Time: 6 minutes

I had the recently chance to speak with Peep Laja, founder of conversion optimization agency ConversionXL. Peep shared some great insights with me about ConversionXL’s approach to optimizing sites for continual growth. Don’t Call Peep Laja a “Conversion Optimizer” ES: I see the ConversionXL website says you don’t like the term “conversion optimization.” Why not?… Continue Reading

Time Management

How to Maximize Time and Project Management while Growing your Digital Marketing Agency

By Pagewiz  |   Reading Time: 7 minutes

The cliché business equation “time = money” is beyond relevant to the digital marketing realm. Digital marketing is a fast-paced field that demands near-real-time responses to trends in your niche. There are tools and measures you should be taking to manage your marketing projects and save invaluable time. Good time management lets you build a… Continue Reading

5 Pitfalls to Avoid while Growing your Digital Marketing Agency

By Pagewiz  |   Reading Time: 7 minutes

There are clear advantages to growth as a digital marketing agency, as growth = success. Yet rapid growth can easily be a nail into your agency’s coffin if not appropriately addressed and managed. Growth should be the top priority of a marketing agency, as being stagnant is akin to dying. The advantages of business growth… Continue Reading

4 Best Practices to Retain your Current Customers while Growing your Agency

By Pagewiz  |   Reading Time: 11 minutes

If your digital marketing agency is experiencing a rapid growth phase – congratulations are in order! However, previous customers can become neglected by your sales team if you’re too busy focusing on new customers. Take a look at this chart: The harsh truth is that most customers will leave because they perceive you as indifferent… Continue Reading

Attribution Modeling Simplified

By Uri Bishansky  |   Reading Time: 16 minutes

While going through their buying journey, users will visit a lot of sites. Depending on the visitor’s circumstances, they may be using different devices. It is not uncommon for a user to visit your site many times before making a purchase decision. Most marketers measure the effectiveness of their advertising channels by marking the channel a… Continue Reading

Neuromarketing Benefits

How Neuromarketing Can Make Visitors Favor Your Offer

By Kobe Ben Itamar  |   Reading Time: 9 minutes

Deadly serious about selling more products, getting more clients, gaining better brand recognition and improving your bottom line? Treat it like a game. In football, baseball or soccer, the trick is to psyche out the other team. In the game of e-commerce, your goal is to apply methods researched in psychology studies that probed the… Continue Reading

CRO Mistakes & Lessons

10 1/2 CRO Mistakes And What We Can Learn From Them

By Ally Sabrowsky  |   Reading Time: 12 minutes

When working in the field, we all make a few conversion rate optimization mistakes. It’s what we learn from these mistakes that determine whether we will flourish or fail. Below are 10 ½ CRO mistakes that I’m sure we’ve all made at one point or another in our testing lives! 1.  No Evaluation of Visitor… Continue Reading

Event Driven Analytics

Using Event-driven Analytics to Boost Conversion Value

By Kobe Ben Itamar  |   Reading Time: 11 minutes

These days it seems as though everyone has a website. It can be hard to get people to visit yours. Most people turn to pay per click (PPC) advertising to drive traffic to their landing pages. But getting someone to click on your ad is only the beginning. You have to turn that click into… Continue Reading

Upgrading Quality Score

How to trick Google into Upgrading Your Quality Score

By Roy Danino  |   Reading Time: 8 minutes

This post is all about Quality Score (A.K.A – QS): What’s QS, how it is calculated, and how understanding it can help you save a lot of money. Quality Score, according to Google, is “An estimate of the quality of your ads, keywords, and landing page”. In other words, quality score is the metric Google… Continue Reading