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Social Media Plan

3 Tips for Creating an Effective Social Media Plan for Your Nonprofit

By Ron Sela  |   Reading Time: 4 minutes

Social media is a valuable tool for marketing non-profits and spread the word about your brand, function and cause. With the right social media plan and commitment, social media can prove powerful to increasing involvement in your organization and raising awareness overall for your NPO. Basic social media marketing is a popular option that is also… Continue Reading

7 Things About Landing Pages

7 Things About Landing Pages Your Boss Wants To Know

By Avi Kaye  |   Reading Time: 8 minutes

I was working with a startup company a few years ago, when they wanted to test advertising with Google Adwords. They hadn’t actually done any advertising beforehand, as all the traffic was coming in through word-of-mouth, but they felt that they needed a boost in sales and the number of users. We discussed matters with… Continue Reading

Formatting Emails

Tear Down that Great Wall of Text – Formatting Emails for Readability

By Elisa Silverman  |   Reading Time: 5 minutes

Take a look at these two excerpts from the same sales email: Sample 1: Hello [NAME], We here at THISCO wish you and yours a very happy holiday season. As always, we’re here to help make your life easier. Our range of edible gift bouquets has a visual and culinary variety wide enough to suit… Continue Reading

Marketing Automation Tools

14 Marketing Automation Tools That Can Save You Precious Time

By Ron Sela  |   Reading Time: 9 minutes

New businesses are often faced with a near-Herculean task when it comes to advertising and gaining market presence in an already saturated online environment. The question becomes, how to effectively market a new business with the limited resources of a startup company. Market Automation Tools provide an Effective Solution Marketing automation is a very broad… Continue Reading

Creating Effective Banners

The Ultimate Process of Creating Effective Banner Ads

By Oren Rachum  |   Reading Time: 6 minutes

Banner ads and landing pages provide an effective way to put your message in front of the exact target audience you want to reach. In order to make the most out of your online campaign budget, it is important to have a clear vision of your campaign’s objectives. Here’s how to start: Ask yourself these… Continue Reading

Landing Page Mistakes

3 Landing Page Mistakes You Can Learn From

By Avi Kaye  |   Reading Time: 5 minutes

Whenever a visitor clicks on a link to a website’s main page it becomes a landing page. Landing pages are important because they define the website’s presence. A lot of websites have great landing pages, but many webmasters construct them with some noticeable landing page mistakes. Poor page formatting and confusing information are but a… Continue Reading

Paid Web Traffic

8 Proven Paid Web Traffic Sources for Your Landing Pages

By Ron Sela  |   Reading Time: 8 minutes

Landing pages are a  great marketing tool for any business. If you want to start an online business, landing pages are just as essential as the goods or services you plan to sell. However, what is the purpose of a having a website if you cannot generate any visitors? That is where paid web traffic… Continue Reading

Who Needs a Landing Page

Who Needs a Landing Page, Anyway?

By Avi Kaye  |   Reading Time: 5 minutes

That’s an easy question. The answer is ‘Everybody’. OK, so maybe we need to explain the answer a little bit. Landing pages are vital to your business. It doesn’t matter if you are a startup looking to get those first five thousand users, or a car dealership who wants visitors to ask for quotes. Without… Continue Reading

Lead Generation Page

6 High Converting Lead Generation Page Tips

By Ron Sela  |   Reading Time: 6 minutes

A properly made lead generation page is a must for every successful online business. A lead generation page lets you ask for names and email addresses of visitors interested in your product or service. This email list is the heart of the online business, and a constant source of ongoing sales. Lead generation page is also called… Continue Reading

Copy that Delivers

Keys to Copy that Delivers Your Message – Not Just Your Email

By Elisa Silverman  |   Reading Time: 5 minutes

Delivery rates. Open rates. Click-through rates. These are all key email metrics. Making sure your email gets into your readers’ inbox and opened are critical to email marketing success. You can read some tips to improve both here and here . But even if your email is getting delivered – is your message? Are you creating… Continue Reading