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The Beginner’s Guide to Google Plus Advertising Options

By Shuki Mann  |   Reading Time: 5 minutes

In April, Google quietly launched +Post ads, a new Google Plus advertising service for marketers. +Post ads enables advertisers to promote Google+ posts on Google’s Display Network in exactly the same way as they publish regular ads. This type of Google Plus advertising feature has huge potential, since it facilitates direct user engagement right where they… Continue Reading

Words that Convert

Words that Convert: Writing a Persuasive Landing Page

By Elisa Silverman  |   Reading Time: 5 minutes

Congratulations! You’ve successfully gotten someone clicking through to your landing page. Don’t lose them now. Use persuasive copy to get your readers to take the action you want. A number of landing page components need to work together to convert your readers into action-takers: A compelling offer, good design, purposeful formatting, and persuasive writing. Think… Continue Reading

Landing Page Optimization

Optimize Me: A Step-by-Step Guide to Landing Page Optimization

By Oren Rachum  |   Reading Time: 7 minutes

Welcome to Optimize Me; a two-part introduction article about landing page optimization and A/B testing methods. Let’s begin by taking a look at the basics of A/B testing, and see how this method can contribute to accelerated conversion rates.   Before starting It’s important to have a good foundation before creating any test. To achieve… Continue Reading

Ad Retargeting

The Main Benefits of Ad Retargeting – A Psychological Point of View

By Avi Kaye  |   Reading Time: 9 minutes

What exactly is ad retargeting? Ever noticed that after visiting a website that offers a service of some kind, you see their ads everywhere you go? You may see their posts on Facebook, or ads on other websites that you visit, or even in your Google searches. This isn’t a coincidence, of course. These websites are… Continue Reading

Target Market Email

7 Topics Your Target Market Wants You to Email Them About

By Elisa Silverman  |   Reading Time: 5 minutes

Now that you’ve got your landing page up and running – it’s time to make good use of all those email addresses you’re collecting. There’s long-term return waiting for you in your email list, so use it. The key to getting new clients, upsells, and social shares from your email list is to get recognized… Continue Reading

What is a Landing Page? A Guide to Effective Conversion Optimization

By Ron Sela  |   Reading Time: 10 minutes

The requirements for an effective web site continue to change and evolve. The necessity to be aware of new changes in technology and the new developments of experienced designers place new demands on web site owners.

Landing Page Design

Landing Page Design Doesn’t Have to Be Hard. Read These Awesome Tips!

By Ron Sela  |   Reading Time: 6 minutes

There is no doubt that your website’s landing page design has a tremendous impact on your success. It is imperative that your landing page design is visually appealing, easy to navigate, up-to-date, and well-designed if you hope to convert traffic into something valuable. It should come as no surprise that for many people simply the… Continue Reading

Landing Page Components

6 Tips About Landing Page Components You Need to Know

By Kobe Ben Itamar  |   Reading Time: 7 minutes

When you’re designing your company’s website landing page, there are a few things to keep in mind as you proceed. Chances are good that visitors to your site have come to your landing page by clicking on a link or ad, so you want to take some measures to make it informative, useful, and most… Continue Reading

Landing Page Templates

5 Types of Landing Page Templates Optimized for Conversions

By Ron Sela  |   Reading Time: 7 minutes

Whether you own a small or large business, creating an impressive website is almost certain to have a positive impact on your yearly business revenue.  On the other hand, several online studies have shown that an ineffective website will not only result in less revenue, but is also one of the primary reasons many small… Continue Reading

High Converting Landing Pages

The Four Pillars of High Converting Landing Pages

By Kobe Ben Itamar  |   Reading Time: 4 minutes

How well-crafted landing pages increase conversion rates and grow your business Creating high converting landing pages is key to growing your business online. And while the ‘gurus’ would have you believe it’s a secret art, you can actually learn the basic methods very quickly. How successful you are really depends on long term optimization and… Continue Reading