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Upgrading Quality Score

How to trick Google into Upgrading Your Quality Score

By Roy Danino  |   Reading Time: 8 minutes

This post is all about Quality Score (A.K.A – QS): What’s QS, how it is calculated, and how understanding it can help you save a lot of money. Quality Score, according to Google, is “An estimate of the quality of your ads, keywords, and landing page”. In other words, quality score is the metric Google… Continue Reading

How to Use SEO and PPC the Right Way [5 Short Case Studies]

By Elna Cain  |   Reading Time: 13 minutes

If you’re a startup business with a small budget, you might be tempted to rely heavily on search engine optimization (SEO) to market your website. Or you might be divided in your thinking. You may believe that per-per-click (PPC) advertising alone might be worth the expense, or you might be considering both SEO and PPC… Continue Reading

PPC Mistakes

These PPC Marketing Strategy Mistakes Can Kill Your Campaigns

By Sunny Popali  |   Reading Time: 12 minutes

A Pay-Per-Click (PPC) strategy is one of the quickest ways to attract potential customers to your website and increase conversions. Business owners can present advertisements with the help of tools like Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, etc., in the sponsored results section that comes up in search result pages and each time there is a… Continue Reading

Retargeting Copy

Taking a Close Look at One Brand’s Retargeting Ads

By Elisa Silverman  |   Reading Time: 10 minutes

Display ad click-through-rates (CTR) are notoriously low, overall showing just a 0.06 percent CTR. Yet display ads remain great opportunities for both consumer ecommerce and B2B discovery and lead generation. Particularly when used as part of a retargeting campaign. Retargeting is a campaign designed exclusively for visitors to your landing page or website who didn’t convert…. Continue Reading

Don’t Make These A/B Testing Mistakes that Cost Conversions

By Alex Horoshkevich  |   Reading Time: 16 minutes

It has been noted by more than one marketing blogger that most A/B testing experiments are conducted incorrectly. That is true. It’s quite possible your last experiment was conducted incorrectly. In the majority of cases, A/B testing is only a start of an experiment. No analysis. No hypotheses. A pleased marketer changed the color of… Continue Reading

Persuading User Perceptions: How to Increase PPC Ad Clicks

By Elna Cain  |   Reading Time: 11 minutes

It may sound sleazy to consider persuading user perceptions, but PPC persuasion need not involve manipulation to increase PPC ad clicks. When you start a PPC ad campaign, you want to draw customers to your website, product, mailing list, or another marketing goal frequently and repeatedly. But how do you persuade users into believing that… Continue Reading

Marketing Funnels Mistakes

Marketing Funnels: Avoid These Mistakes to Build a Strong One

By Jeremy Reeves  |   Reading Time: 11 minutes

Marketing funnels are a funny thing. They can (and should) be built differently for every business, every marketplace, and every unique product or service within that marketplace. Although having a template to follow helps, there are many factors determining the exact strategy and tactics used to construct your own marketing funnel. Blanket statements on marketing funnels are… Continue Reading

Exit Intent on Landing Pages

High Bounce Rate? Use Exit Intent Offers on Your Landing Pages

By Elisa Silverman  |   Reading Time: 6 minutes

A lot of thought goes into devising an effective landing page. You’ve researched the market segment you’re targeting to craft an offer and describe relevant benefits in language that speaks to them. You’ve identified key objections and made sure you’ve included persuasive responses. But are you really making every effort to convert them? Are you tracking… Continue Reading

Framing Effect

How to use The Framing Effect in Marketing Campaigns

By Kobe Ben Itamar  |   Reading Time: 7 minutes

Before coming to grips with the more complex definitions of Framing, it should be understood that Framing is perceptual; in other words, Framing is not about what is said, but how it is said. There are several complex definitions of framing which can be broken down into simpler language: Framing is the relationship between context… Continue Reading

Landing Page Copy

Customizing Landing Page Copy: A Case Study

By Elna Cain  |   Reading Time: 12 minutes

In a recent post, we talked about the elements involved in writing creative, customized copy for your landing page. The creative aspect of writing copy for your landing page involves writing copy that speaks directly to your audience – copy that’s genuine. Customization applies to catering to your audience’s needs and providing them with a solution to… Continue Reading