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How to Write More Persuasive Copy

By Nancy Harhut  |   Reading Time: 12 minutes

As a prospective client said to me last week, words matter. She is absolutely correct. Words determine how people respond to your marketing: Whether they read or not… Whether they act or not… And ultimately, whether they buy or not. Fortunately for marketers, some words are more powerful than others. And while using these words… Continue Reading

The Beginner’s Guide to Microcopy

By Elna Cain  |   Reading Time: 12 minutes

Copy is an integral part of any successful marketing campaign. The web is full of articles on how to optimize the main copy on your landing pages and throughout your site. But the unsung hero of the copy world is microcopy. Microcopy is the small pieces of text on your website that guides user experience…. Continue Reading

Your Boring Content is Killing Your Conversion Rate

By Ben Allen  |   Reading Time: 11 minutes

You’ve done all the work. You’ve made an offer your target market can’t ignore, your landing page is designed to convert, the page is optimized for SEO, and yet your conversion rate is in the dumps. Now, you’re crawling the internet to find out what you’ve done wrong. Did you use the wrong images? Is… Continue Reading

Copywriting Interviews

I Thought I Knew About Copywriting… Until these Experts Schooled Me

By Gab Goldenberg  |   Reading Time: 16 minutes

I thought I knew copywriting like the back of my hand. Really, I did. And to be fair, I’ve gotten some pretty sweet clickthrough rates on ad copy and conversion rates on landing pages. But after conducting the following interviews with some experts who just write copy, I realized that I’ve got so much more… Continue Reading

10 Copywriting Tips You Can Use Right Now To Boost Conversion Rates

By Julie Ellis  |   Reading Time: 16 minutes

Writing great content is quite possibly the quickest and most cost effective way to increase your conversion rates. Great content creates engagement among your followers, generates valuable social shares, and incites readers to heed your call to action. All of these things are an important part of your efforts to increase your online presence. Even… Continue Reading

How Effective Are Your Google Text Ads?

By Elna Cain  |   Reading Time: 11 minutes

Technology is fluid – it’s constantly changing in response to the ebbs and flows of new inventions. With the advent of the smartphone and all of its advancements since then, we’ve seen Internet advertisements change structure and function. Google’s primary mission is to “solve search problems…[and do it] really, really well.” They want to give… Continue Reading

Retargeting Copy

Taking a Close Look at One Brand’s Retargeting Ads

By Elisa Silverman  |   Reading Time: 10 minutes

Display ad click-through-rates (CTR) are notoriously low, overall showing just a 0.06 percent CTR. Yet display ads remain great opportunities for both consumer ecommerce and B2B discovery and lead generation. Particularly when used as part of a retargeting campaign. Retargeting is a campaign designed exclusively for visitors to your landing page or website who didn’t convert…. Continue Reading

Landing Page Copy

Customizing Landing Page Copy: A Case Study

By Elna Cain  |   Reading Time: 12 minutes

In a recent post, we talked about the elements involved in writing creative, customized copy for your landing page. The creative aspect of writing copy for your landing page involves writing copy that speaks directly to your audience – copy that’s genuine. Customization applies to catering to your audience’s needs and providing them with a solution to… Continue Reading


The Creative Process of Customizing Landing Page Copy

By Elna Cain  |   Reading Time: 14 minutes

You’ve decided to create a landing page for your company. You’ve signed up, chosen a template and picked out an appropriate color scheme. Quickly, you realize that building a landing page requires more than nice layouts and eye-catching colors alone – it needs content. But now you’re stuck – clueless as to how to proceed…. Continue Reading

Case Study: How to Increase Conversions by 176.33% with The Visitor Vocab Technique

By Giles Thomas  |   Reading Time: 15 minutes

If you run an ecommerce store or saas company and want to get more leads and sales from your landing pages, you’re in the right place. Most of you know that to improve your landing pages you need to invest in conversion optimization, but many people misunderstand what conversion optimization really means. A/B testing, digital… Continue Reading