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5 Common SaaS Implementation Problems

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SaaS has leveled the playing field for companies across a wide range of industries, with businesses big and small able to farm out software tasks while focusing on core business concepts and ensuring they always have the latest software tools at their disposal.

But for all its benefits, SaaS is not without its headaches. There are a host of known challenges and difficulties that large companies encounter when implementing SaaS platforms. Being aware of these challenges and understanding how to address them is critical for long-term operational efficiency.

Here are five common SaaS implementation challenges and the way Pagewiz is designed from the ground up to address them:

The need to work with several teams/departments simultaneously

When it comes to large companies, there is rarely one point of contact — multiple departments have various and often conflicting needs, and a host of decision makers in the organization will each have their own interests/needs/considerations. The SaaS company needs to cater to all their different needs.

The need to integrate existing programs that the organization is already working with

Whatever the SaaS solution a company chooses, it will need to integrate with a wide range of existing programs, from payments to eCommerce and automated email marketing tools.

Catering to specific security demands from the organization

Depending on the industry, SaaS solutions may need to be able to handle a range of security demands, from health standards to banking rules. Specific regulations include GDPR, HIPAA, and IDO.

Organizations may prefer that data stay inside the organization and not be sent externally

Companies may wish to adopt SaaS solutions that keep certain key data internal, including sales data, financial data, marketing data, and human resources data. This desire could be driven by access speed demands or data privacy and security.

New employees need to be trained on how to use SaaS tools

Employees change over time — sometimes one per year, sometimes an entire department at once. When new employees onboard, training on the SaaS tools needs to take place, and some refresher training may need to be conducted on a regular basis.

SaaS solutions for large companies come with plenty of challenges and pitfalls, ranging from integration to access control. Growth of the industry, however, is projected to continue well into 2022 despite these issues, many of which can be overcome whole or in part by research, proper integration, a solid understanding of business requirements, and careful provider selection.

Pagewiz offers solutions to a host of SaaS implementation challenges. Those include serving enterprises and large organizations with full coordination between different teams, having pros on call to help solve integration issues, employing service providers who are fully versed in industry and government standards and security rules, being equipped to handle a variety of government and industry regulations, and offering enterprises and large organizations ongoing, long-term training of new employees and regular fitness checks for existing employees.

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