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Landing Page Types

The Fundamentals of Two Exceptional Landing Page Types

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Many are times when we have business ideas but the problem is we don’t know how to take them to the next level. The internet has become a tool most business owners turn to for inspiration. If done correctly, landing pages can be a very good marketing tool. This post will give you the information you need to know about the lead generation landing pages, Click-through landing pages and their different uses. However, let’s take a look at what a landing page is and its structure before we discuss the different landing page types.


A visitor should see the following whenever he/she clicks on your landing page.

Headline: The headline is as important as any other part of a landing page. It should grab the attention of whoever visits your page. It also states the purpose of your page and compliments your ad or banner. This means that you need to employ a captivating touch to your headline.

Body: The body has the paragraphs. Good paragraphs need to be short with white space because most people who browse through the internet don’t have the time to read word by word. Sentences are also short and snappy. They are straight to the point. The headings also play a big role in making your landing page look presentable. Bullet points also help condense copy into short and easy to read sentences.

Landing Page Types

There are many landing pages types and all are different in design and function. There are two basic types of landing pages most people go for, Click Through and Lead Generation.

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Lead Generation Landing Pages

Lead generation landing pages are landing page types used to capture user data such as the email address and the name. The main reason for having this type of a page is to be able to collect the information needed to market and connect with the prospect at the right time. This means that you should expect to see a form along with a description that explains in details what you stand to benefit after you have submitted your personal data.

Lead Generation Landing Page

This type of a landing page has several uses. The obvious benefit the owner gets is profit generation. Here are the items given to the user.

• Webinar registration

• Ebook

• A physical gift (via direct mail)

• Discount coupon/voucher

• Free trial

• Contest entry

• Newsletter Signup

1. Webinar Registration

Webinars are online seminars where a user stands to benefit from the engagement with companies. In a conference-style presentation, lead gen landing page becomes useful because it enables the viewers to ask questions as if they were in the actual meeting.

2. An eBook

This is a good platform of the lead gen landing page that enables you to write something valuable so that people can download and exchange it for their personal details. This is useful because you have the ability to control the value of the leads to make the content be specific to your business.

3. A Physical Gift (Direct Mail)

A physical gift is the best option to go for especially if you are in the business of direct mail. This is due to the fact that you need to give a valid reason for people to give you a physical address. It is also important to understand that considering personalized option is advisable.

4. Discount Coupon/Voucher

Lead gen landing page is also useful because it is a great way to draw traffic through discount coupon. A coupon code to be entered is used at the online checkout. It can also be used in the affiliate marketplace where affiliates are offered a bonus code to sell to customers on a special rate.

5. Free Trial

You will also be able to have customers try your product so that they can pay you after a certain fixed time period. You can increase your chances of repeating business by operating under the Software As A service model. Here, the data resides online within the site you engage with. Your customers will be able to create a large amount of valuable content within your system if your system is good enough.

6. Contest Entry

This is another advantage you get from a lead gen landing pages that involves big-ticket items which will encourage people to register. It is more of a numbers game since it casts a wide net.

7. Newsletter Signup

This is a useful tool in lead gen landing pages where people can enter their email addresses so that they can receive newsletters from you. However, it is advisable that you are clear with your terms and conditions if you wish to use these leads for other purposes.

Benefits of lead generation landing pages

A “Countdown” or “Coming Soon Page” style can be used in a lead generation landing page when it comes to anticipation for new and startup products. This is beneficial because you do not need any design or programing skills. Themes and layouts are already prebuilt making it more convenient. You can as well try out with large brands if you wish to have a good start at your business.

You can also create multiple landing pages and observe which one performs better than the rest with the A/B testing. This is the best platform that enables you try out different content so that you can increase goal conversion/completion. Examples include Switching buttons, Reducing purchase barriers, different copywriting styles, Videos vs. Hi-res pictures, increasing CTR and Varied action words.

Lead gen landing page is also one of the few landing page types that has the eye tracking technology that allows a business owner up his/her landing page. Owners are able to see where users click and the period of time they spend at a particular section. This benefits any online business because one will be able to know where conversions are being missed and where opportunities are for lead generation. Eye tracking also enables you determine whether your users or customers are interested in the things you want them to consider.

Over time, it has been proven that sales of all the online business that adapt this type of landing pages always go up. The reason behind this is due to the fact that the colors and psychology behind them influence customers. This means that your landing page solely depends on the colors you choose. Whether they force an impulse buying or they just establish a sense of security, they will eventually make your business grow.

Click Through Landing Pages

This is one of the commonly used landing page types that have the goal of persuading the visitor to the other page. This is mostly used in ecommerce funnels. A visitor warms up to the point where he/she can make a purchasing decision since it describes an offer or a product in a much sufficient detail.

Click Through Landing Page

Click through landing pages are useful when inbound advertising traffic is directed at registration pages or shopping cart. At this point, there is always poor conversion since the ad has insufficient information to make an informed decision. The Click through landing pages comes in at this point. The destination page you get from a click through page is a registration page or a shopping cart giving you a much higher chance of having a conversion. This has already passed the details in the landing page.

Benefits of Click Through Landing Pages

Your business gets a direct impact from conversion funnel paths. If for instance your business intents to sell a new book, click through gives you the chance to specifically compliment the business. This means that you will have visitors who sign up press buttons like ‘share’ and ‘subscribe’, fill out information and influence the general image of the brand.

Since click through landing pages links you to the next page, the logging user information becomes quicker and influences campaigns, product creation, research projects, customer service initiatives and future sales directly. As a business owner, you can easily analyze data to observe your audience and determine factors like social preference and demographics. This can be done by simply optimizing landing pages.

The main reason why most online businesses never live to enjoy their prospects is due to the fact that they fail to manage their advertising efforts. With a carefully planned click through landing pages, it becomes easier to measure the advertising efforts efficiently. You can incorporate other tools like AdSense, Google Analytics and built-in WordPress plugins. Such tools make it possible to track the effectiveness of your campaigns. There are also other advertising benefits associated with it through landing pages that include; higher click through rates, immediate results, higher paid placement and larger room for creativity and testing.


That said, it now depend on what your goals are. However, a more focused landing page will convert better and give you the desired results. Whichever landing page types you choose, make sure your visitors have enough options to choose from. This will make them stay on the pathway you intend to have them.

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