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Why You Want to Make Room for Video on Your Landing Page

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As a graphic designer, you already appreciate the ability images have to affect people. The power of video to move people is exponential. According to Dr. James McQuivey at Forrester Research: One minute of video is worth 1.8 million words.

[tweetthis]One minute of video is worth 1.8 million words.[/tweetthis]

That’s a lot of communication happening in one minute, which makes video a forcefully persuasive element on any landing page.

Anyone who wants one of their landing page templates to be used by companies must include embedded video options in their design. Marketers will be looking for it. A 2013 survey of marketers conducted by Reel SEO found that:

  • 82% of marketers felt that online video had a positive effect on their business
  • 93% of the marketers surveyed use online video

Woman pressing play button with one hand

In another survey of marketers, 51.9% said that videos were amongst the content mediums that had the highest ROI. Considering that a variety of case studies show conversion rates boosts ranging from 15 up to 130% on landing pages that use video when compared to those that don’t, it’s no wonder that marketers want options to include video on their landing pages. (You can check out some landing page video case studies here and here.)

As for the Visitors…

A quick look at some conversion pre-cursor metrics helps explain why video can have such a compelling impact on conversion rates:

  • Where a web page has video, 60% of visitors will click to watch the video before ever reading a word.

  • Research conducted by the Online Publishers Association found that 80% of online video viewers were able to recall online videos they’d watched in the past 30 days and that 12% of them ultimately made a purchase.

In a consumer survey conducted by Animoto,

  • 71% said they had a positive impression of a company after watching a video
  • 58% felt that companies using video content were more trustworthy

These numbers hit directly on two critical tasks a landing page must perform if it wants to result in conversions: A landing page has to grab and hold attention long enough to share its message, and it has to build trust so visitors are willing to take action.

Let’s take a quick look at the psychology behind video on landing page templates.

Why Video Works

Where the current marketing maxim is to connect with people through great stories, video maximizes the impact of a story that can be told in a short period of time.

We use more than half our brain’s surface to process visual information. Down in our lizard brain, we’re attracted to sound and movement; it grabs and holds our attention. So our brains are fully engaged with the company message on a visceral level.

Video also creates the opportunity for a degree of genuine human engagement between the landing page visitor and the message, which is a critical step to building trust. A human voice-over and/or including human faces in a video deliver emotion directly to the viewer and gives him a point of identification. Since emotions are contagious, watching a display of emotion can subtly inspire that same emotion in the viewer.

Emotion - surprise

The mixture of motion, pictures and sound create context to information that allows people to process it more fully. Meaning, video is the most efficient means to appeal to both sides of the visitor’s decision making matrix: the logical and the emotional.

And that’s the bottom line for any landing page template design: How well does it navigate the visitor through her decision making process? Does the design support or raise obstacles to conversion? A landing page has only one purpose and that’s to motivate the one specific action it’s promoting. [tweetthis]A template that aims to give its users a full complement of conversion tools must provide a video option[/tweetthis]

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