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What is Pagewiz and why landing pages?

And why are digital marketers still loyal users after more than 8 years?
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What is Pagewiz?

Pagewiz is online software that lets you create stunning landing pages fast, without the need for programmers, designers, or hosting services. Pagewiz community members often say it’s the easiest landing page platform they’ve ever tried. And thanks to its convenient built-in A/B testing tool, Pagewiz helps you and your customers get more leads without blowing up your marketing budget.

Why landing pages?

In the past, businesses tried to send their paid campaign traffic directly to their website—where extraneous links and unfocused copy often left prospects confused and distracted. Today we know that to boost leads or sales you must send your traffic to a dedicated landing page with a clear call to action … one that zeroes in on your prospects’ unique wishes and needs.

Pagewiz software delivers this solution. Whether you run a mom-and-pop storefront or a full-service marketing agency, it makes landing page creation fast and easy.

Take a look at what the Pagewiz community is saying about Pagewiz:


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Also good to know:

With Pagewiz you can send your leads to any external web app or email service provider. Connect your landing pages to your own domain and get a free SSL certificate to reassure visitors to all the pages you publish.

More interesting facts:

  • Pagewiz integrates with more than 1,000 external CRMs and mailers, directly or via Zapier.
  • Founded in 2011, Pagewiz is one of the world’s first landing page platforms and has been serving marketing clients big and small with unflagging 7-day-a-week tech support for nearly a decade, with more to come.
  • Over a million leads are processed in Pagewiz every month.
  • Pagewiz’s uncompromising support policy puts you on the path to success. We’re dedicated to answering every question or concern you may ever have.

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Pagewiz landing page platform

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