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How to Write High Quality Articles with These 5 Time-Saving Tools

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Writing an article that is of a high quality requires more than just structuring an outline and entertaining the reader. It is in many ways a creative art based on the use of online marketing tools that help us gather and organize the information to be contained in the article. This gives the article validity and authority.

Yet work requirements often demand the writer makes a deadline. This reality means the writer needs to work fast and smart. We will examine five of the most popular and useful tools to meet the goals of quality and efficiency. So, how to write high quality articles?

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How to Write an Article with Evernote

For collecting data on the go, clip related articles, quotes, notes, and lists

How to Write - EverNote

If an app is to be useful for a writer it needs to be available on mobile devices. Fortunately, Evernote is not only a mobile app but has versions available across the major mobile device platforms. It is a free download with a paid premium option. Add to the app a number of other apps that work in tandem with Evernote and you have a powerful way to collect and organize data on the go, wherever you are.

You can use Evernote to collect data from text sources, including your own notes. Add to this basic feature the option to insert photos and create audio recordings. You now have the ability to collect information from an unlimited number of sources all in a single app.

In the process of collecting data you will have to be able to access and organize what you collected at a later time. Evernote has search features that let you include images in the query. The simple interface organizes topics and subtopics by notebooks. On each page in the notebook, text, photos, and audio clips can be placed all on one page, making the process of sifting through tomes of information simpler.

Include a hyperlink to a web site in a note on a page and Evernote connects you to the site automatically. This is very useful when choosing to use scholarly information that needs to be referenced and cited in a specific way.

How to Write an Article with DropBox

For collecting pictures that are synced from mobile phone, charts prepared in Excel

How to Write - DropBox

Using modern technology, collecting data on the go with your mobile device is as natural as writing itself. Being able to access that data using any of a number of devices is obviously critical. For example, it is far easier to write an article on a tablet or laptop than a smartphone. At the same time, in most cases it is far easier to take a photo with your smartphone than it is with a laptop or tablet. It is about using the right tool for the job.

Dropbox allows you to collect all your work in a single place – in the cloud – and have it available to read, edit, or download to all of your mobile devices in a single, easy-to-use app. One of its best features is its simple user interface, so you can begin to use it immediately.

One of the most important features of Dropbox is its ability to share documents with others. This lets the writer collaborate with other members of the team. When seeking to explore ideas with others and get valuable feedback to strengthen your paper, this Dropbox feature is essential to the quality of the final paper.

Document security is another of the key features Dropbox offers its users. Writers know that their ideas and hard work have value. Dropbox secures all of the documents you save with 256-bit encryption. This protects them from unauthorized access and idea intruders.

How to Write an Article with Google Drive

For collecting presentation prepared on Gslides, blog post drafts prepared on Docs

How to Write - Google Drive

The question, “If I have Dropbox why would I need to use Google Drive?” is a valid one. This tool is not a duplication of resources but a part of the creation of a collaborative suite of writer’s tools. Each tool has a specific function. Google Drive can be seamlessly integrated with a Gmail account to share and transfer documents.

There are some basic and technical reasons as well. Google Drive gives you 15 Gigabytes of free space compared to Dropbox which gives you only two. In contrast, Dropbox allows you to save any type of file and has no restrictions on how big the size of the file can be. Google Drive limits you to a file size of no more than 10 Gigabytes. This can be a problem if saving photos or large documents.

Google Drive can be used on the more common computer operating systems such as Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Dropbox supports a larger number of platforms including Blackberry, Kindle Fire, and Linux. For maximum mobile diversity, Dropbox has definite advantages. When it comes to storage space for your files and Google compatibility, Google Drive is the choice.

Google Drive extends its power by its compatibility with the Google Docs document creator and its Google Spreadsheets partner. Together, these give blog post drafts and collaborative spreadsheets the ability to be easily shared between users. Because the data is stored in the cloud, access and editing can be done directly from the cloud. Using this group of apps is ideal for tablets where storage space is a premium.

How to Write an Article with Gmail

For collecting correspondence with peers, like surveys and polls

How to Write - Gmail

Gmail is one of the most widely known and popular email programs on the Internet. Beyond efficiently communicating with others, it can also be used to collect data from peers such as completed surveys and poll data. Because it is a Google product, it works well with Google Drive and its corresponding apps.

For the writer, Gmail has a clearly defined way to organize your incoming email, sent mail, and correspondence with peers. The amount of storage space available with Gmail is shared with Google Drive, so for projects that require a lot of documentation such as photos, more space will need to be purchased.

Another advantage to using Gmail is the Google Calendar. Staying up to date with the scheduling changes of meetings, deadlines, and interview appointments is vital to the success of the project. The ease of being to access the calendar while receiving updates from information sources is a definite time saver.

How to Write an Article with CloudHQ

For syncing all the above mentioned documents into one place in real time

How to Write - CloudHQ

The key to using Cloud HQ is a simple but critical feature – it allows real time syncing of files that are being shared. When trying to meet a deadline when working with other people or groups, this feature is essential. It is here where the writer will put all their active documents. Google Drive and Dropbox can be used as secure places for archiving collected information and photos. What makes CloudHQ so special to this set of tools is that it is able to backup and archive the data in your Gmail or Dropbox apps to another cloud storage location.

Perhaps the most important difference between CloudHQ and all the other tools listed is that CloudHQ is not free. Dropbox and Google Drive charge for expanded data storage at a monthly rate, but those options may not be needed. Evernote has a premium user option but is not necessary for many writers. A basic membership of CloudHQ costs $9.95 a month per person. This price covers you being able to sync your data with three other people.

The issue of the cost of being a writer needs to be considered because it determines the price of the writer’s services. A client who expects high quality writing done in a timely manner must understand the cost to the writer of the expected result. Writers must take into consideration their own costs when seeking to effectively deliver high quality content to clients.


CloudHQ is the last tool mentioned in the tool kit for a reason. It is designed to work with Google Drive and Evernote in real time. If we begin at the top with Evernote, it is easy to see how all the tools in the kit are both collaborative and interactive. Each app has its own specific reason to be in the kit.

There is some overlap in certain areas, such as storage space. This does not have to be a negative though because too much storage space is better than not having enough. A missing piece of the tool kit for some may be the absence of Microsoft Word or the Microsoft Office Suite. The Google apps of Docs, Sheets, and Slides are fully compatible with Microsoft products. This lets each writer use their own personal tools to create the documents and still be able to have them accessible by others.

These five tools, working together, will give a writer the ability to work smartly and safely when in a collaborative environment. They allow documents, links, photos, spreadsheets, presentations, and audio files to be organized and managed across different mobile and computer platforms.

This collection of tools for the writer is available at a minimum cost. This cost has the potential to produce a quality end result in a reasonable amount of time.


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