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Essential PPC Strategies for Google, Bing, and Facebook Ads

By Paul Granger  |   Reading Time: 12 minutes

When you have the basics in place, your Pay Per Click campaigns should be providing reasonable (basic) returns. But to really make the most out of your spend and get a better return on your investment, it’s time to explore some more advanced strategies. Ultimately, the more you keep testing and tweaking in the right… Continue Reading

PPC Conversion Rates Dropping? Here’s What You Do

By Peter Dulay  |   Reading Time: 12 minutes

Reality Check: There is a difference between a “conversion rate” dropping and “conversions” dropping. Knowing this difference can help you improve your PPC campaigns. Let’s investigate what to do when your PPC conversion rates start to go in the wrong direction. When You See Conversion Rates Dropping… First, you must know there are things which… Continue Reading

Your PPC Campaign is Dying… Now What?

By David Chapman  |   Reading Time: 8 minutes

There is no doubt that PPC is an extremely profitable channel when managed properly. However, sometimes, it can be challenging to return profitability to a PPC campaign. No campaign is perfect, and there can always come a time when performance can deteriorate. For example, let’s say you spend $10,000 on the first month and you… Continue Reading

Digital Ads and Nonprofits: It’s a Match!

By Elisa Silverman  |   Reading Time: 11 minutes

It’s that time of year again! M+R, in partnership with the Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN), has released its annual benchmark report on nonprofit digital activities. It’s chockablock with interesting information about how nonprofits are using various digital tools and how it’s working out for them. M+R has a great interactive site to explore the report’s… Continue Reading

PPC Spotlight Series: Focus Your Marketing on Yelp

By Elna Cain  |   Reading Time: 13 minutes

Social proof is a buzzword throughout social media today. And there is a reason for this – people value the opinions of others. This is especially true when it comes to making purchases online. In a recent survey by BrightLocal, it was found that 88% of consumers say they trust online reviews as much as… Continue Reading

PPC Spotlight: Advertising Through Pinterest with PPC

By Elna Cain  |   Reading Time: 12 minutes

In recent years, Pinterest has climbed its way up the social media ladder and is now considered a big player in attracting potential buyers. What was once mainly a place for moms to digital scrapbook recipes, DIY projects, or hairstyles, Pinterest is now a valuable place to market your content, grow your traffic, and sell… Continue Reading

PPC Spotlight: Get Your Focus on Snapchat

By Elna Cain  |   Reading Time: 12 minutes

Self-destructing videos? Doodles and captions on your images? Is there more to Snapchat than that? And, are young adults the only users who can benefit from this new platform? Indeed, Snapchat may seem like an unlikely platform for advertising, but it’s looking to be a sensible investment for the future. The first ad on Snapchat… Continue Reading

Reddit CPM Primary

How to Advertise on Reddit Through CPM

By Elna Cain  |   Reading Time: 13 minutes

There is such a variety of PPC and CPM advertising options out there today. Big players like Google AdWords and Facebook Ads are dominating the market, but some businesses are making their mark by choosing less popular platforms like Reddit. Don’t get me wrong, Reddit is far from a small concern. Its Alexa ranking is… Continue Reading

PPC Platform Series: Spotlight on Instagram

By Elna Cain  |   Reading Time: 12 minutes

If you want to draw potential customers to your website and quickly increase your conversions, then utilizing a PPC advertising strategy could be your best bet. With the popularity of PPC advertising growing – and new platforms opening up – marketers can afford to be a little pickier when it comes to evaluating their advertising… Continue Reading

How Effective Are Your Google Text Ads?

By Elna Cain  |   Reading Time: 11 minutes

Technology is fluid – it’s constantly changing in response to the ebbs and flows of new inventions. With the advent of the smartphone and all of its advancements since then, we’ve seen Internet advertisements change structure and function. Google’s primary mission is to “solve search problems…[and do it] really, really well.” They want to give… Continue Reading