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Twitter Remarketing Tags

How to Generate Traffic with the New Twitter Remarketing Tag

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Twitter is one of the biggest weapons in the modern advertiser’s arsenal for spreading the word about their product or service online. This is the case more than ever due to new developments like the twitter remarketing tag.

How Twitter Advertising Works

Twitter advertising is where you gain a following on Twitter that’s full of people who are interested in what you have to offer. So if you’re a video game production company, for example, then you’ll want to court followers who are interested in video games. This is usually done just by engaging in conversations with people online and generally helping to promote their work as they help to promote yours.

Once you’ve got enough of a following, then you can start posting links to your landing page that features your business offer.

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Promoted Tweets Can Help You to Expand Your Audience

One way to supercharge your tweets is to use Promoted Tweets.

These will always have wider distribution than what’s called “organic Tweets.” This is because promoted Tweets will actually go out to people who aren’t your followers. You can target who you want to receive the Promoted Tweet based on a wide number of factors including  where they live, their gender, what language they speak, what sort of device they’re using, or what kind of interests they have.

It’s not really possible to target Tweets with this kind of focus if you just do it organically. The advantage of Promoted Tweets is that it will go out to all of your followers and to your targets at the same time. Or alternatively, you can have them only go out to the people you want to target. Promoted Tweets are always obviously promoted because they have clear labels to that effect, and each person will only see one promoted Tweet at any given time.

It costs extra to send out Promoted Tweets, but it can be a great way to promote your landing page. If you wish to learn more about how to market your business on Twitter. take a look at this detailed presentation:

What are Twitter Remarketing Tags?

Recently, Twitter added the option to let advertisers create a special tag for tracking conversions. Twitter remarketing tags are now available in the Twitter Ads interface.

Essentially, this makes it so that you add a special code to your website that lets Twitter know which of the people who visited your landing page came from Twitter. A Twitter remarketing tag takes this idea even further by matching users of Twitter who have already been to your landing page. So essentially, by making use of cookies in that person’s browser, Promoted Tweets can target people who have already been to your site. If you wish to learn how to create remarketing campaigns with Twitter Ads, visit this fine article by AdStage.

All you have to do to accomplish this is add a special Twitter website tag to all of the landing pages you want to track and market. It makes it much more likely that they will be interested in whatever new promotions, deals, news and so on that you will want to throw their way. This also stacks with the current tools available in Twitter such as performance information about how many users saw an ad, and how many users from that bunch clicked on it.

Twitter Remarketing Tags Support Other Tools

What’s impressive about the Twitter remarketing tools is how it stacks up in combination with all of the other tools available to give you an amazing amount of power of information which you can use to launch the perfect advertising campaign. It’s not enough to just get the word out; you’ll want to get the word out to where it can do the most good. Tools like Website Card will let you track the conversion as well, so you’ll be able to tell how many of the people you’re marketing to with the Twitter remarketing tags.

This means that you can now get information about the entire user experience from when they first visit your site and get a promoted Tweet from you as a result, to when they click on that Tweet, and exactly what happens after that. This is effective exactly because it lets you micromanage your promotion efforts. For example, if people aren’t clicking on your promoted Tweets, then you can’t ask yourself the question about why if you don’t even know that they aren’t doing this.

Information is power.

How Does Targeted Traffic From Social Media Help with Landing Page Conversions?

Obviously, getting hits to your landing page in the first place is half the battle, but it’s important to remember that it’s only half of what you need to do if you’re trying to run an online business.

Once you have the hits coming in, the next part is all about conversions.

It’s actually not that hard to just get pure hits for a landing page. If you have an interesting enough Tweet, you can get hits. But the Internet is all about short attention spans. And you have to fight against this trend online if you want to succeed.


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As a result, targeted traffic from social media can go a long way towards giving you a leg up on conversions .You don’t want to just try to get people to buy your product or service if you don’t already know that there’s a good chance they will. In fact, getting a really high conversion rate due to people who are already interested in your product ending up on your landing page can actually greatly make up for not having a lot of hits in the first place.

If you have a large amount of hits to your website, but a very small amount of them are actually converted into customers, then this isn’t exactly what you want.


Getting tens of thousands of hits but only a fraction of a percent for a conversion rate could mean you have less than someone who only gets hundreds or thousands of hits but a very good conversion rate. Social media is all about interests, and as a result it’s particularly well-suited to giving you an advantage when those hits get to your landing page.

The Twitter remarketing tag helps to refine this even further by targeting people who have actually visited your site before.

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