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8 New Landing Page Templates for Consultants – A Detailed Review

By Re'em Shapira on February 6, 2017

Reading Time: 10 minutes

There’s no debate – landing pages are great for conversions. No matter which industry you operate in, landing pages are an essential tool.

But what if you’re a consultant?

When you’re a consultant, you are the product. People are making the decision to work with you. And it doesn’t matter if you’re a business consultant or a health coach: you need a landing page that shows off your personality and makes you look like an industry professional.

I wanted to create a series of landing pages that would help consultants achieve a professional presentation. I’ve tried to support the needs of different industries, which is why there are eight different landing page templates in this series.

These landing pages are long and detailed to allow greater flexibility for your marketing. But if you find the page you want to use is too long for your liking, it’s quick and easy to remove sections in the Pagewiz back end.

All templates in Pagewiz have a matching mobile version. As mobile browsing has overtaken desktop browsing in popularity, it’s essential to have a mobile-optimized version of your landing page.

A few things before we start….
I know that not everyone has photos of themselves to use for hero images (portraits of you, often from the waist up and with a transparent background, in a confident pose) that stand out on the page.

That’s why I’ve used smaller images in some of the templates so that all Pagewiz users will be able to enjoy them.

We designed these templates for consultancy businesses. However, with a few adjustments, you can use them for any business. It’s easy to start with any template and convert it to suit your business needs.

Finally, these landing pages are designed for one thing – to sell your services. If any element, text, or section doesn’t apply to your business, simply delete it. That includes links to social networks: if it doesn’t help you sell, don’t keep it.

Be sure to optimize your landing page by shortening your forms to the minimum space you need for them. Place forms above the fold—that’s a description for print material. In the computer world, it means to place your forms so they appear near the top of the browser window so the visitor does not have to scroll down to find them. Also, make sure you have a “Click-2-Call” button for mobile browsers so visitors can easily and immediately contact you.

If you are looking to optimize your page, here is our guide to help you optimize your landing page’s loading time to help you achieve better results.

1. Business Consultant

Preview: Desktop Version | Mobile Version

The Business Consultant template is bright and clean. The main colors are blue and gray; however, you can change the primary color to anything you like. The images and icons add a colorful and optimistic touch without losing the business appeal.

The contact form appears prominently in the header to increase your conversion rate. This landing page also has a large hero image as part of the header to help connect visitors with you personally and to instill trust.

This landing page would suit consultants in the business, health, and life-coaching fields. I wouldn’t recommend this landing page for fitness professionals (I’ve created two specialized fitness landing pages for you if that’s your industry).

Key Features

  • Easily adaptable to any purpose
  • The secondary color is gray, so is complementary to almost any color scheme
  • Ideal for a torso hero image

[tweetthis]No matter which industry you operate in, landing pages are an essential tool.[/tweetthis]

2. Business Consultant 2

Preview: Desktop Version | Mobile Version

If you prefer a shorter template, Business Consultant 2 might be a good choice for you. Designed with a magazine layout and a side column, it’s very simple and perfect for showcasing a single, excellent testimonial.

This template is also great for those of you who don’t have hero images of yourself with a transparent background. This template displays an ordinary rectangular photo in an attractive way.

This landing page suits consultants in business, law or technology. I wouldn’t recommend it to health, fitness or life coaches because it has more of a corporate business feel.

Key Features

  • Ideal for those who don’t have a photo of themselves with a transparent background
  • Minimal scrolling (it’s one of the shorter pages)
  • Designed for people who have one strong testimonial to showcase

3. Business Consultant 3 – Wide Version

Preview: Desktop Version | Mobile Version

This template is great if you want a modern, full-width design. You’ll notice the sign-up form is very prominent, at the top of the display. Your visitors won’t be able to miss it, which increases conversions.

This template also uses a large hero image of you as a way to create trust. There’s space for two excellent testimonials, which further help to build trust with your readers.

This landing page template suits consultants in business, health, or life coaching. You can easily adapt this landing page to suit other industries, too.

Key Features

  • Clean, wide, and modern design
  • Great for showcasing two strong testimonials
  • Large hero image of you creates trust and shows your personality

4. Nutritionist

Preview: Desktop Version | Mobile Version

The bright red color of this template attracts instant attention. I’ve designed it to be optimistic and dynamic.

Nutritionist has space for multiple testimonials, complete with profile pictures and headlines. It’s formatted to help grab your readers’ attention, even if they’re skimming your content.

This landing page is designed for nutritionists and the health industry. But with a few tweaks and adjustments you can make it work for any industry.

Key Features

  • Uses a small circular profile photo (you can use free services like Canva or PicMonkey to make your photo circular)
  • You can display multiple testimonials with headlines to catch the eyes of your visitors
  • You’ve got bullet points, headlines, and dividers to help you create an attractive page

5. Incorporate Business Template

Preview: Desktop Version | Mobile Version

This template was designed to give your business the look and feel of an established and professional company.

Unlike the other templates in this series, there’s no personal hero image. This is perfect for those who own a consultancy firm and have people working with them, or if you just want to give the impression you’re running a large, well-staffed business.

This template is a great fit for industries like law or technology. I wouldn’t recommend this template for health coaches or anyone whose business is strongly based on personal connections.

Key Features

  • Bright red, eye-catching buttons for your calls-to-action
  • Designed to look professional and give the feeling of a larger company
  • Share your physical location via a Google map to give the impression of a reliable and established business

[tweetthis]This is the first series of landing pages I’ve created for Pagewiz and I’m proud to present them to you.[/tweetthis]

6. Life Coach

Preview: Desktop Version | Mobile Version

This template gives the impression of luxury. It’s meant to help sell the idea of the good life expected by those who work with you as their life coach.

Everything you need is in this template, including video sections so you can directly share your message with your visitors by linking to a video you have posted on YouTube or a similar service.

This template is designed for life coaches, but would also make a great choice for those in the health field, alternative health field, or even for business consultants. This is a very adaptable template.

Key Features

  • Meets the specific needs of life coaches with FAQs, detailed testimonials, video sections, and more
  • Includes a graphic element to show the process of training (or you can use it to depict stages of other business processes)
  • Huge hero image instills trust and helps you form a personal connection with your visitors

7. Personal Sport Trainer

Preview: Desktop Version | Mobile Version

This is a dominant template influenced by the world’s greatest sporting brands. The black and white contrast makes your page look tough and edgy, and the yellow-green highlight color really makes things pop.

One of the key features of this template is the section at the bottom where you can display your services or plans. I’ve also included space for fitness stats like weight and body fat, and before-and-after case studies.

This template is perfect for anyone in the sports and fitness industry. It would also work well for dietitians and health coaches.

Key Features

  • Yellow-green color that pops!
  • Allows space for impressive and detailed testimonials, including details you won’t see in other templates
  • Features before-and-after cases, complete with data such as body fat and weight

8. Personal Sport Trainer 2

Preview: Desktop Version | Mobile Version

This template is similar to Personal Trainer 1 except the aesthetic I was going for with this one was “class” rather than “edginess.” It’s sporty and modern and can be adapted to suit almost any business. The testimonial section gives you space for detailed comments from your happy customers, and the plans section will be useful for almost any business offering services or a continuing relationship.

This is another template that works well for the health, fitness and diet industries and that, with a few tweaks, can fit any industry.

Key Features

  • Space for detailed testimonials
  • Features before-and-after cases with images and data
  • Clean, minimal design with lots of white space

Wrapping It Up

This is the first series of landing pages I’ve created for Pagewiz and I’m proud to present them to you. Creating amazing landing page templates is my job, and I love it! So keep coming back to check out the new templates and packs which we are already working on.

As I mentioned, if you don’t have one of the businesses I’ve specifically mentioned, the templates can easily be adapted to suit what you are doing.

The templates with a large hero image will work best for consultants in the more charismatic industries, like life coaching, personal training, and beauty therapy. Personal Sport Trainer 1 and 2, Nutritionist, Life Coach, and Business Consultant 1 and 3 would work well for these industries.

Over to you – what industry are you in, and which landing page template would you choose?