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Getting Started with Landing Pages: An Action Oriented e-Book

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The top 10% of landing pages convert at rates 3-5 times higher than the average landing page.

Getting your landing page conversion rates into this range won’t just happen. To help you out, we’ve developed this guide as your jumping off point to building landing pages that convert. In it, we’ve compiled specific and actionable landing page advice, and centralized it all in one e-book for your easy reference.

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We’ve broken up this eBook into three main sections. At each stage, you’ll find guidance, action items, and checklists you can use
to build off the work you’ve already done in each of the prior sections.

  • In section one, we’ll talk about Setting Yourself Up for Success. It’s filled with action items you need to take to lay e-book readerthe groundwork for building an effective landing page and getting the most out of the following sections.
  • Section two, Writing Copy that Converts, focuses on your landing page’s copy. Persuasive copy moves your readers to take the action you want.
  • Finally, section three goes over design and formatting issues in Foundations of Formatting. The design and layout of your landing page is as important to drawing visitors in and converting them as your copy.


Get your free copy of the Landing Pages E-book


Once you put it to use on your own landing page, we’d love to hear how it helped you out, as well as what landing page topics you’d like to read more about here. You can use the comments stream below to let us know.

Oh, and please feel free to spread the link to this e-book around, to whomever you feel may find it useful to their marketing work!


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