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Creating A Landing Page Is Essential For Your Success. Read This to Find Out Why

By Kobe Ben Itamar on April 14, 2014

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Creating A Landing Page Is Essential For Your Success

When creating a landing page there are key points to consider which will bring traffic and make it a complete success. Landing pages may not seem so important but the concept is people will land on the page and then be transported to your site which generates traffic.

Converting traffic is key to Google advertising and PPC and SEM for the optimum results. When someone clicks through a landing page the end result should be that the visitor will click through to another page. The landing page is used as an introduction to the main pages where a product is being displayed and sold.

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Creating a landing page for PPC and SEM Campaigns

Sit down before you begin your PPC and SEM campaigns and define the goal and purpose for which you are setting these up in the first place. Is sales your goal or are you wanting to state something important? These simple goals will help you in how you place your SEM and PPC and Facebook campaigns.

Facebook has a new campaign and it is much like the design of adwords and can be set up similarly. The main focus of your PPC and SEM is the keyword selection. Much like SEO, your SEM must be optimized by the keywords you choose and they must be relevant to your page. If you are creating a local presence you will want to focus on local keywords to bring traffic to your landing page.

Dimensions on Google Adwords help marketers with the resources they are looking for and it is a very effective tool because it offers a feature called search terms which will show you what terms will drive traffic to your site. This tool can be used for negative keywords and is very effective in optimizing your campaigns.

Measuring your success easily after creating a landing page

Google Analytics has a great tool for measuring the success of your landing page it measures how many visitors you have and how much traffic per day. You can try out a new page and measure the results simply by clicking on the analytics to see which page you used had better results. It has a real time features that shows traffic data amazingly as it happens.

This is an easy tool to measure your success even as your testing after creating a landing page for your campaign.

Creating a Landing Page and Testing your designs

Your design should be simple and free from distractions. When creating a landing page, your page should be designed in an eye catching but pleasing way to attract your audience. You can use images in a thoughtful way to attract people. Remember to use images strategically and thoughtfully. Do not use tricks or gimmicks to attract traffic because this usually works in the opposite way.

You can use captions on your images and your SEO will be highlighted through the captions you use. Be sure to use social sharing because it invites word-of-mouth through social media which is a major form of advertising and very effective for gaining real traffic through your site.

After all this has been considered and you finalized creating a landing page, be sure to test your page before it is published so you can improve your leads and optimize your results. Be sure to create a fluid experience for new users and test it frequently so you know what works. If you get more traffic on a certain design that should be the one to establish as your landing page, but test and tweak so you keep the process of improvement going.

Running multiple campaigns

If you are running multiple campaigns you need to keep on top of them with precision.

The best campaigns have quality content and content is the most important part of your page. If running multiple campaigns will stretch your abilities to thin starting out, it should be done in phases and branched out  slowly gaining momentum as you build pages and traffic. Creating a landing page for each campaign helps you to run multiple campaigns without having to have a website for each.

Managing your leads with your Landing Page System

There are several tips for maintaining your lead captures after creating a landing page. Some of these tips are simple such as maintaining page continuity with your landing page and your homepage. It needs to be a fluid approach to both pages to maintain a steady amount of new leads.  Be sure to write a relevant headline because this is the first thing your visitors see when they enter your page and it should be attention grabbing. Attention span is getting shorter so it should be something thought provoking to maintain attention levels and something that your audience relates to as well.

Present the problem or call to action on your landing page and the solution on your homepage. Make it clear and make sure to soften the call to action. Some subtle ways to do this are by changing the buttons on your page where they are softer to the eye. Be sure to test all of these methods.

Managing your leads with your landing pages system or Export to a CRM

Your customer relationship management or CRM is about managing the relationships you have with your customers. Your relationship with your customers is the base of your business and maintaining and being on top of this part of your landing page system is very important. You can export your CRM through your landing page system because PageWiz has a place specifically for exporting your CRM or you can do this through excel. It is possible to export your CRM to excel but if you have PageWiz  set up through your system it is also easy to keep data all together this way helping you to easily maintain your customer database easily.

Creating a successful landing page depends on many factors but attraction comes from good design and layouts. Testing your designs and campaigns is a good way to begin and do not be afraid to try new things. Once you find the template that fits your page and design the perfect landing page you can begin to see the traffic flowing consistently. The main thing when creating a landing page is constant attention because this is a business and it must be maintained.

Hard work is key and then one can begin to see the results of a successful landing page.


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Kobe joined Pagewiz as a campaigns manager & front end developer. He has 2.5 years of landing page campaigns creation experience and a passion for driving them towards a higher conversion rate.
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