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Introducing the Pagewiz Mastery Video Course

Free video course - Master landing page creation using Pagewiz in just one hour.
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Whether you’re new to landing pages or just new to the Pagewiz platform, our innovative Pagewiz Mastery Video Course can help ramp up your skills faster than ever.
Use it to zero in on the features and functionalities you care about most—or view all the videos to get fully acquainted with Pagewiz’s power and flexibility.

A great training resource for new and experienced users alike

Wringing the most power out of Pagewiz used to be a matter of trial and error. But thanks to the insider tips and tricks we’ve packed into the Pagewiz Mastery Video Course, anyone can skip the guesswork and begin building productive landing pages in a matter of minutes.
Ever wonder how to make your pages more attractive by varying text styles or adding Google Fonts? Want to make sure your forms validate responses—so you know they came from actual humans? Like to deploy conversion codes to track sales or leads? Or learn how to improve your page’s Google quality score?
Our Pagewiz Mastery Video Course answers these questions and many more—making it a great training resource for newbies and veteran alike. Even experienced Pagewiz users may discover capabilities they’ve never encountered before.

Bite-sized video segments making mastery a breeze

The course consists of some 30 bite-sized video segments that average just 2 minutes in length. Step-by-step it shows you how to:

  • Choose templates that suit you
  • Navigate the control bar and the elements menu
  • Master the headline, shape, HTML and button elements
  • Use Pagewiz’s section functionality to achieve smarter page arrangements
  • Work with images and optimize their size
  • Build attractive, versatile reply forms
  • Handle page housekeeping
  • Manage and export leads
  • Connect your landing page to a custom URL
  • Conduct A/B testing
  • Forward leads to multiple email addresses
  • Integrate third-party services like Webhook and Zapier
  • Create mobile landing pages that look great on any device
  • Make pages SEO friendly
  • Add a Favicon and Facebook share image
  • Much more

View the entire course with a free account

Best of all, you can view the entire course with a free account.
The course is perfect for:

  • Designers who work solo or for agencies
  • Marketing Managers who supervise landing page creators
  • PPC Mangers who’d like to bridge the gap with designers or production artists—or fill in by building pages themselves
  • Digital Marketers whose fluency with landing pages can streamline their job and make it easier
  • Business Owners out to gain confidence in producing their own marketing materials on a shoestring budget
  • Marketing Agencies who need to train new hires quickly without tying up precious in-house personnel

Whether you’re a regular Pagewiz user, planning to join or just interesting in kicking the tires, our Pagewiz Mastery Video Course can enhance your understanding of landing page web design and marketing, speed up your Pagewiz productivity and workflow and help you get more done in less time.
So what are you waiting for? Start watching our Pagewiz mastery course right now.


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