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Landing page tools for a successful online marketing campaign

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The ultimate goal of any campaign, social media driven or otherwise, is to produce leads or sales and maintain a high conversion rate. Whether you’re selling a product, a service or an idea, conversions are the name of the game.

A successful campaign can be determined by the number of people who bought or registered your product (or otherwise satisfied your goal) divided by the total number of people who’ve seen your promotion.

To maximize efficiency and convert more prospects into paying users, a professional landing page is a must! A good one can help you maximize your conversions better than any other tool.

Conversion-100 landing page
Pagewiz is a Do-It-Yourself landing page builder that features powerful tools that help you get better results in your marketing campaigns. These tools are key to achieving and maintaining a high conversion rate, which equals more revenue for you (and who doesn’t want that?).

[tweetthis]A good landing page can help you maximize your conversions better than any other tool. [/tweetthis]

So here’s a rundown of 8 unique Pagewiz tools to help you setup a successful landing page for your campaign:

Multiple forms per page

A common—and actually the simplest—way to boost your conversion rate is to give visitors more than one chance to leave their contact details.

Let me explain from the visitor’s standpoint why this is so important:

Say you’ve designed a page with a single form located at the top (that is, above the fold). Visitors obviously want to learn about your product or service first before turning over their details. They’ll scroll down and are probably still thinking about leaving their contact info but haven’t yet made up their mind. Eventually they’re ready to make a commitment, but now to sign up they’re forced to scroll all the way back up to the top of the page. This minor hassle shouldn’t be a deal breaker, but all too often it is.

By adding a form in the middle of the page as well as at the bottom you can actually convince and prompt prospects to sign up the moment their eyes lock on your form. You’ve made it easy because your duplicate signup form is right there!

Another effective tool of persuasion is to vary your forms down the page: one may have two form fields asking for email address and phone number and another may have a single field asking for email address onlyexcept that you’ll collect the rest of the prospect’s information along the funnel. Because each field you add to a form tends to lower your page’s conversion rate, visitors are often more willing to leave their details when they’re asked to provide less information up front.

multiple custom forms-100 landing page

Drag n’ drop full design control

Another aspect that improves your page’s conversion rate is the ability to design your form freely, without annoying layout restrictions.

Let’s say your landing page has been designed a certain way and adding a “regular” vertical form will give it an awkward look.

You’d rather place the form fields horizontally so they don’t make your page unattractive. With Pagewiz you can do just that!

Simply choose the ‘Ungroup form fields’ option in Pagewiz to place any field freely on the page. Your form no longer has to be vertical or horizontalit can be whatever you choose it to be.

With Pagewiz you’re not confined to a specific form layout design, so you’re never restricted to a specific form shape.

Free forms-100 landing page
Specially crafted optimized mobile design

Designing your landing page is very different from designing a regular web page, both conceptually and technologically.

Conceptually a landing page should convey one message with a clear, compelling call-to-action. It’s kind of a concentrated page that delivers a single focused message to your visitors and tells them to respond.

Technologically, though, your landing page may have an even larger impact on your users, especially the majority who now arrive via mobile devices.

[tweetthis]Separate desktop and mobile landing pages mean faster loading times, resulting in higher conversion rates.[/tweetthis]

Pagewiz uses the mobile adaptive-responsive approach, so you can create a landing page visible to both PCs and mobile devices or, if you wish, create separate landing pages for desktop and mobile visitors. BTW: Pagewiz notes the device each visitor uses and serves it the right version automatically.

This approach delivers big advantages:

  1. Your mobile landing page can have a different look, feel and even text from your desktop page, thus giving you maximum control over user experience. For instance, while it may be a good idea to provide a keyboard-centric form to collect leads via a desktop landing page, mobile users may prefer to press a click-2-call button instead. Pagewiz helps you in maximizing your conversion rate by letting you design separate pages for mobile and desktop visitors and serve them under the same URL.
  2. Separate desktop and mobile landing pages mean faster loading times, resulting in higher conversion rates: the quicker a lightweight mobile landing page displays, the more page views—and conversion opportunities — you’ll enjoy.
  3. Optimizable landing page: By using the adaptive-responsive approach you can A/B test your desktop and mobile page separately and simultaneously.

Optimized mobile-100 landing page

Built in A/B testing

The most common tool to help you increase your landing page conversion rate is A/B testing. With Pagewiz A/B testing is just a few clicks away.

By creating different versions of the same page and testing them to see which version converts best, you’re ready to boost your conversion rates without the time, trouble, and expense of hiring additional personnel. Hey—that’s what Pagewiz DIY is all about!
AB testing-100 landing page

Mobile Only Campaign

Pagewiz allows you to create a standalone mobile landing page. So if you’re targeting mobile users and only mobile users, we’ve got your back.

It’s just one way that, by staying on top of advances in mobile-first online marketing, Pagewiz helps you leapfrog the competition.

People-holding-phones landing page

External conversion code embedding the easy way

If you’re running an online campaign via Google AdWords or Facebook, you probably need to have a conversion code fire whenever you score a conversion on your landing page.

Marketers typically use a campaign’s “Thank You” page to embed a conversion code, but what if you don’t have access to one—or don’t want it in the first place? Obviously you still need to count conversions.

Another irresistible Pagewiz feature is the ability to fire a conversion code without a “Thank You” page. We let you accurately track your page statistics without the bother of having to create a proxy redirection page or a separate “Thank You” page. It’s an unsurpassed way to keep your campaign simple and elegant!

No thank you page-100 landing page

UTM parameters

A must have! As a professional marketer, you demand accurate data and statistics on your campaign’s performance. Because data is key to results, you can obtain it easily by embedding analytics software on your landing page. But let’s say you’d like to know each lead’s campaign source (that is, which ad sent a visitor to your landing page). Pagewiz helps you do just that—no coding skills required! Every visitor who clicks on your ad is redirected to your page with a parameter passed in the URL. This parameter shows your lead’s source campaign.

Every Pagewiz landing page can capture the lead source parameter passed in the URL and display it alongside your lead’s details.

Lead sources-100 landing page

Professional services

At Pagewiz we emphasize DIY (Do-It-Yourself) by giving you easy-to-use tools to design and setup your landing page—no coding or designing know-how required. But since everyone’s skill set is different, Pagewiz is ready to step in to help you keep your next campaign on schedule and pixel perfect. That’s why we also offer:

  • Design services – Send us your designed landing page as a PSD or Adobe Illustrator file and our Pagewiz design gurus will do the rest . Well import your design into Pagewiz so you can customize it to your heart’s content. Let your creative juices flow.
  • Integration services – Call on our Pagewiz networking nerds to setup and test your external system integrations for you. We work on this stuff all day long, so getting your campaign up and running is a snap.
  • Coding services – Just ask and our Pagewiz coding experts will whip up a script or widget to embed on your Pagewiz landing page. Of course, we offer a standard library of ready-to-use code you’re welcome to borrow, but when you need a snippet of code specially tailored to your needs—we’re on it!

We do it for you-100 landing page
So, there you have it: 8 pro-level tools you’ll find indispensable to your next online marketing campaign. If you’d like to know more about them—and how you can put Pagewiz smarts to work to grow your business—feel free to PM me. I’m eager to share our know-how with you and learn about your marketing needs.

Let’s get busy!

Landing Pages Designer

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