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Finalists for The ThemeForest People’s Choice Bonus Prize

By Kobe Ben Itamar on February 16, 2015

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Here’s an update regarding our $800: People’s Choice Bonus Prize:

Below are the top 5 templates for the people’s choice category that have so far managed to collect the largest amount of ‘Likes’ and ‘Favorites’ on social networks around the web. The final winner for this category will be picked on the 23rd of February. The winner will be the template that collects the most likes by that date.

Here are the finalists:

Other Categories

This People’s Choice category prize was set apart from the “Best Category Prizes”: The Best Pagewiz templates that are considered to be within these 12 categories win $350 each.

Best Category Prizes

  1. $350: Best Multi Purpose Landing Page.
  2. $350: Best eBook Landing Page.
  3. $350: Best Affiliate Landing Page.
  4. $350: Best Startup Landing Page (product launch or feature announcement).
  5. $350: Best SaaS Product Landing Page (with a price comparison chart).
  6. $350: Best Event Registration Landing Page.
  7. $350: Best Course Registration Landing Page.
  8. $350: Best Real Estate Landing Page.
  9. $350: Best Nonprofit Landing Page.
  10. $350: Best Consultant Landing Page.
  11. $350: Best Travel Landing Page.
  12. $350: Best Fitness / Gym Landing Page.

Top Expert Prizes

The People’s Choice category  was also set apart from 4 “Top Expert Prizes” worth $1000 each!

Reading the interviews we’ve conducted with each of the expert judges during the past month can help you learn a thing or two about landing page design with conversion in mind:

How to Find the Balancing Act of a Well-Designed Landing Page – Dr. Karl Blanks

Make Decisions Easy on Mobile Landing Pages – Michael Aagaard

Top Expert Judge Brian Massey Shares Insights on Landing Pages Designed to Convert

Josh Miles: Move a Landing Page Design beyond the Aesthetic Brief

A huge thank you to all of the participating talented designers, and best of luck to each of the 5 finalists!
We can’t wait to find out who will be the winning design on each of the other allocated categories. You can follow the results by joining the discussion on our Facebook group.

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