Pagewiz Features At a Glance

Pagewiz was designed to allow professional marketeers, business owners and affiliates to launch landing page campaigns from scratch, within minutes, and easily optimize them. Once the campaign is running, A/B testing can be easily performed, for maximizing conversion. Here’s a brief overview of Pagewiz’s features.

  • Professional Landing Page Design Tool

    Put yourself in the designer seat with our true drag & drop WYSIWYG functionality. In addition to moving elements anywhere on the page, you can also include advanced functionality such as survey feedback. Build your landing pages as quickly and easily as you would put together a presentation. Point, click, hit the publish button, and you’re ready to go!

  • Built-in A/B Testing Automation

    Optimization is crucial to any successful landing page campaign. Pagewiz lets you create several versions of your page, each one with its own frequency rate, and supplies you with real time stats, so that you can see which one converts most effectively. To perform A/B testing, simply follow a swift three-click procedure. For maximum reliability, each new visitor is assigned a cookie, ensuring he will always reach the same page.

  • High Converting Templates

    Every one of our templates is designed, tested, and optimized for maximum conversion. Customize the template of your choice, launch your campaign within minutes and watch your conversion rate soar.

  • Multiple Email Recipients

    Pagewiz is a fantastic tool for your own landing page campaigns, but marketing professionals and agencies rave about the option to send lead capture data to several email addresses per landing page. This feature alone transforms Pagewiz into a complete landing page campaign manager for you and your customers as well.

  • Secure Lead Management

    Your data security is our top concern. So, while we send your leads over to you by mail, they are also stored on our highly secured servers. That means not only maximum security, but also maximum convenience for you, as you can approach them anytime and export all the statistical data about each lead to an Excel document.

  • Real-Time Statistics

    We know successful marketing requires careful planning and patience, but once you hit that publish button, waiting hours or even days is simply out of the question. That’s why we made sure your campaign’s main page always displays up-to-the-minute stats and conversion rates of each of the landing page’s variants. That way you can make changes to your page in real time to boost conversion rate.

  • Real-Time Lead Capture Export

    Landing campaigns become increasingly powerful as lead capture data is being fed into email marketing and customer relationship management systems. Pagewiz saves you the time and energy of handling your lead data base, by sending it in real time to leading third-party systems, such as SalesForce, Mailchimp, AWeber, ConstantContact and GetResponse.

  • Google Analytics, SEO Plugins and Other Webmaster Tools

    Running campaigns, you must follow and analyze stats in real time. Pagewiz was designed to allow easy implementation of all professional advertising tools, including Google Analytics and Google Webmaster. You can also add other SEO plugins, such as meta tags, remarketing codes, conversion codes and robots.

  • Widgets

    Embedding external widgets enriches your page’s content, creating a more exciting experience, thus increasing conversion rate. Pagewiz allows for easy embedding of widgets, such as Facebook share boxes, YouTube & Vimeo Videos and Google Maps. You can also add JavaScript & HTML codes, allowing you to extend your page’s functionality with additional professional tools.

  • Connect Landing Pages to Your Own Custom Domains

    Do you own a domain name? Pagewiz allows you to connect it to your landing pages, by easily creating a CNAME record. This service could come highly handy if you are running Google Adword campaigns, as Google requires running them under your own domain name. We will be glad to guide you through creating the CNAME record.

  • POST protocol based lead export

    Pagewiz also allows you to easily export leads to any existing database systems, such as CRM, content management databases or any URL that can capture leads. This is done by using the advanced POST protocol.

  • API

    Extend your software functionality by integrating it with Pagewiz’s advanced landing page generator, using our API. For further details please contact our support team.