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Partners Program

Know others who may like Pagewiz?

Pagewiz offers a very generous partners program - which entitles you to a 25% commission for every paying customer you bring over to Pagewiz.

It's for every payment they make, and for as long as they pay!

Want in?

Click the 'REQUEST TO JOIN' button, and send us an email request to join our partners program.

We will register a partner account for you, and provide you with a custom URL link to which you can refer anyone who's interested. Once someone uses that link to register a paying account with Pagewiz - your partner account is automatically updated and a 25% commission is credited to it. This procedure will repeat itself on a recurring basis, every time we charge their account.

What do you need from me?

On the email request you send us please specify:

  • Your name
  • The email address associated with YOUR Pagewiz account
  • A link to your website

To register as a Pagewiz partner on our partners program you will need to have a paying account, because we want to make sure our partners know and understand the Pagewiz marketing platform.

Ask to join!