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7 Topics Your Target Market Wants You to Email Them About

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Now that you’ve got your landing page up and running – it’s time to make good use of all those email addresses you’re collecting. There’s long-term return waiting for you in your email list, so use it.

The key to getting new clients, upsells, and social shares from your email list is to get recognized by your readers as a sender of valuable content. Now the typical article offering advice on what qualifies as valuable content will tell you to focus on what your reader wants to read about, not on your company.

This is excellent advice – but what does that really mean? Sharing no more guidance than that is like advising you to buy low and sell high.

No worries – we’re here to help. Here are 7 specific types of content your target market really does want you to email them.

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Special offers and product updates

You’re probably thinking this topic completely contradicts what you’ve just read. Yes and no.  Here’s the key – promotional or sales emails should make up no more than 20% of your emails sent, and some may even think that’s too high.

The goal of your email list is to generate revenue by creating real relationships with people in your target market. You create the relationship through the 80-90% of your emails that aren’t selling them anything. This boosts the likelihood that your sales emails will translate into dollars.

Here’s another important reason to offer your readers special deals and notices – they want to feel like they’re a bit more special to your company than your average customer. They’ve made the decision to follow you, they expect a little love in return.


On to the non-sales content….


Solutions to common problems they face

What problem is your company solving for them? What best practices can you suggest to assist them further? Some of these emails can share tips on how to use your product better, but have plenty of them focus on other kinds of assistance.

We Guide You Through Every Step

Let’s say you’re a pain clinic, would your target market appreciate an email instructing them on a simple meditation technique?

Now you got it.


Insight into a current trend or news that impacts them

If topic #2 (problem solutions) is tactical, this type of information is more strategic. Writing about industry trends or important news also shows them you’re on top of your business – and their needs.

Say you offer training courses – what do recent studies say about effective learning techniques? Would your readers like to know?



“Newsjacking” hasn’t yet become a most-hated word yet –  whatever… (You see what we did there.) And that’s because it’s a really useful practice. Getting attention for your company by tying an email to the hot topic of the day can result in a high rate of social shares.

7 Topics Your Target Market WANTS You to Email Them About

The news can be industry-related, or just closely related. A quality newsjacking will mirror the tone of the news. You can be as light-hearted as the news story itself. But if it’s a serious story, keep your email serious.


Statistics and benchmarks

We all love statistics. We like to know where we stand among our peers. Do a little research and let your market know some good stats. They can be quirky: “Our peak hours for online wine orders are 11pm – 2am.”  Or terribly meaningful: “People who have regular dental cleanings are less likely to suffer heart attacks.”

We don’t actually know if either of those things are true, but you get the point.


Ask about them or respond to their feedback

What do we love more than statistics? Talking and reading about ourselves! If you get particularly interesting feedback from a customer, share with the class. Show them how much you value and appreciate their thoughts on your company by responding and taking their comments seriously. (If you’re going to use their full name, ask them first.)

You can also use the email space to ask directly for their feedback. Remember the relationship part of emailing? This is where you really make it a two-way street. It’s also a great opportunity to do some light market research.


Share something great from someone else

You want people to forward your emails to their friends, right? Or post about it on social media? Social shares are key to expanding your email list. People definitely place more value on a social share from someone they know than a seeing a banner ad.

So be a part of the sharing community. Don’t just expect shares – give shares.

These can be short emails; just a quick note and a link to great content from someone else that fits into any of the categories above.


Bonus tip: Have an hour-long meeting with a couple people at your company. Come up with 3 specific ideas under each of these 7 topics. Congratulations! You now have 21-piece content calendar.


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