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7 Design Resources for Creating Awesome Landing Pages

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So far we’ve covered how to write persuasive copy for your landing page, how you can personalize the content people see, and even how to improve your PPC campaigns with appropriate landing pages.

So now you know how to build the most awesome landing pages.

You know what you’re still missing? You’re missing resources. Where can you find an image that exactly right for your landing page? How can you create a video yourself, and come to think of it, where does one find icons, anyway?

Having asked these exact same questions ourselves any number of times, we’ve dug through various websites and links, combed through bookmarks and Delicious, and come up with the following awesome resources you can use to make your next landing page.

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Where Can I Find Design Resources for Quality Images?

Design Resources for Landing Pages

Before you use any images on your landing page, it’s a good idea to read about the various restrictions and image copyrights.

You can’t just Google for an image and use it in your landing page, as you run a very serious risk of copyright infringement (and you don’t want that). Having said that, here are some great sites for finding an image that you can use on your landing page:

Before using any image, we recommend checking the websites’ FAQ section for restrictions and limitations

The Pixabay website

Pixabay has over 260 thousand photos and illustrations, requires no registration and no attribution what so ever. You can copy and even modify any photo there, for both personal and commercial purposes, so have fun!

The Free Images website is another gallery with a huge selection of images. Some images require that you notify the artist (and get their permission).

How Do I Make a Cool Video?

Sometimes having an image isn’t enough. You want to create a really cool video that demonstrates the power of your product, one that will convince people to fill in their details and hit that submit button immediately. Creating a video can either be an expensive and lengthy process, or you can use one of these tools:

Animoto helps you make great videos very easily. You can create a 30 second long video out of several images for free.

All you have to do, is upload your images, choose one of many awe-inspiring music tracks to go along with it, and select one of several video templates. Animoto does the rest.

Powtoon is, just as their homepage suggests, perfect for both small businesses and marketing professionals.

When creating a video you can choose from a variety of free templates, then add your own text and messaging. When you finish the video to your satisfaction, you can publish it directly to YouTube.

Where Can I Find Design Resources for Icons?

Landing pages often list the reasons why people should sign up for the service, or download the product. These reasons, either features or benefits, are almost always in the form of bullet points. But what if you want to use nifty little icons instead of the standard bullet points? Or use a teddy bear instead of the standard ‘Submit’ button? Here are a few options.

The IconFinder website

This website, which has shown considerable improvement over the years, has a seemingly endless variety of icons of all sorts, shapes and sizes. From the standard ‘Settings’ cogwheel to a magician’s hat, this site has almost any icon you might like to use.

The FindIcons website

Another excellent resource for icons of all shapes and sizes, Find Icons boasts over 300,000 icons (paid and free). Although the interface is a little more old fashioned and harder to get around in than IconFinder, you can still find some decent sets here.


The Iconspedia website

Iconspedia, much like its namesake Wikipedia, is a repository of information, or in this case, downloadable icons. You can download entire icon packs very easily, making sure that your entire landing page has the same look and feel, and the licensing for every icon is very clear, so you know exactly what can be used where.

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