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15 New Landing Page Templates That Will Make You Go: OMG!

By Kobe Ben Itamar on April 29, 2015

Reading Time: 6 minutes

You’ve been patiently waiting for them, and now, they’ve finally arrived:

We are happy to introduce quite a few brand new, carefully designed landing page templates, which are already integrated into the Pagewiz platform.

Psssst… 8 of them are included in your Pagewiz account pricing! You don’t need to add a dime.

You’re welcome 🙂

The others cost very little, compared to the value they are capable of providing you with.

When you come to use these templates, as a base for your landing page campaign – you should obviously customize the textual content included. Try to customize it to the best of your capabilities and know-how, in terms of describing what your offer includes, and the benefits a potential customer can gain from it.

In case you feel like you’re not yet prepared to customize the marketing text, and are improvising on the go – please download your free copy of an e-book we’ve published just for you:

Get your free copy of:

Great Landing Pages


Section two of this e-book, ‘Writing Copy that Converts’, focuses on your landing page’s copy. Persuasive copy moves your readers to take the action you want. You may want to read through that before you start writing.

Optionally, you can also customize the visual elements, such as: images / colors / font types / size / layout. However, here’s a friendly tip for you:

These templates were designed by our professional designers, who took extra care in implementing all of the best practices for high converting landing page campaigns.

This means we did a lot to make sure there’s a lead capture form just at the right spot on the page, to make sure that when a visitor is usually convinced that your offer is of interest to them – there’s a submission form waiting for them to submit their details, and become a new lead on your list.

Layout was structured to make sure the visitor’s eyes are directed exactly where you’d want them to go on your page, to make sure they extract all of the relevant info, and end up leaving you with their contact details.

A glimpse of what they look like

Below is a glimpse of what a couple of the new templates look like. When you come to inspect all of them inside your account, you’ll note that some of them take advantage of the multiple forms per page, which Pagewiz has recently introduced. This unique capability prevents your visitors from having to do any extra scrolling, which they may not be inclined to do, in order to submit their details, as there’s a form at every possible conversion juncture on the landing page.


The ‘Foremord’ Template:



Note how easy to customize this clean template is – in order to achieve a feeling of clarity as to what is the offer, and what are its benefits for a prospect.


The ‘Plus Parfait’ Template:



This is the dark version of the ‘Plus Parfait’ landing page template.

This one is a perfect (parfait!) choice if your business has got some (but not enough) momentum going on, and you aim to give it a serious push with your landing page campaign.

To thoroughly enjoy the benefits this template is capable of presenting – you’ll need to have some real client logos, and you may also consider asking one of your esteemed happy clients for a short testimonial to be able to replace the generic text included.

You should make the extra effort – because customer testimonials are important as can be for credibility, and for making that last psychological push for converting your page’s visitors.

Premium Landing Page Templates by ‘Template-Sparkle’

We’ve recently also added 7 new, especially designed landing page Pagewiz templates, from the house of TemplateSparkle into the mix.

When you purchase one of those splendid templates – Template-Sparkle will provide you with that template’s file, which you can then import into your Pagewiz account:

import template

When you click the ‘Import from File’ button – you can browse your computer and select the file (with the .pagewiz extension) which will automatically be uploaded & embedded into the Pagewiz builder. You will then be able to start customizing it to your campaign’s particular requirements.

Here’s a preview of what just a few of them look like:


The ‘Battuta’ Template:


Battuta template


The ‘CasaMia’ Template:


Casamia template


The ‘Zehn’ Template:


Zehn template


The ‘Compass’ Template:


Compass template


The ‘TechEvent’ Template:


Techevent template


Choose Your Weapon

You can see we’ve obviously been working hard on these templates lately, and we’re happy to say that our landing page template inventory has expanded quite a bit!

Let’s not forget another list of 68 new premium Pagewiz templates, which are offered exclusively on the ThemeForest market.

All that’s left for you to do now is pick your marketing weapon (template), and start pumping your offer out to the world – you’ll see those leads flowing into your lists in no time!

Happy Marketing,

The Pagewiz Team


Landing Pages Designer

Kobe joined Pagewiz as a campaigns manager & front end developer. He has 2.5 years of landing page campaigns creation experience and a passion for driving them towards a higher conversion rate.
On his free time, Kobe likes to go out for long runs along the riverbank, accompanied by his fast dog (Giga).