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Squeeze Pages: The Secret for Optimizing Your Website Conversion Rates

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Email lists are one of the best weapons we marketers have at our disposal. Email lists that include our most relevant audience are an awesome way of marketing.

We can use these lists to introduce new products and create sale opportunities. We can even find new users via Facebook (but that’s a subject for a different post).

Today, we’ll talk about one of the more effective ways of getting people to sign up to your email list – Squeeze Pages.

What are Squeeze Pages?

Squeeze pages aren’t quite the same as landing pages, although there is a certain similarity. Both are intended to have just one clear call to action.

Both have marketing texts that make sure that people who reach them know where they’ve landed and what the service is.

And both are tested extensively. But there are several important differences.

  1. Landing pages can ask a visitor to sign up, download an app, or even donate some money. A squeeze page always ALWAYS asks for an email address. Nothing more, nothing less.
  2. Landing pages are sometimes part of a website, or designed to look as part of one. This includes links to ‘contact us’, or ‘terms and privacy’, or any other link that may appear on the landing page. Squeeze pages have one click, and one click only. That’s the button where you subscribe to the mailing list.
  3. High converting landing pages have marketing texts, features, bullet points, and so on. Squeeze pages will invariably have strong testimonials from satisfied customers.

Start creating your own landing pages with Pagewiz

So what does a squeeze page do?

Squeeze Pages Email Marketing

The ONLY thing that a squeeze page does is capture information for your follow up emails. Nothing more.

Squeeze pages used to be short remember, the goal is to get visitors’ email). Google algorithm updates over the years changed the game a bit. Squeeze pages have become more elaborate. For example, combining the classic sign up form and bullet points at the top of the page with more information at the bottom.

No, the information at the bottom of the page doesn’t include any links – there’s only one thing that a squeeze page does, remember?

Creating a squeeze page in PageWiz for an e-book

To show you how squeeze pages work, I’ll create one for ‘Kittens and Memes’, a hypothetical e-book I’ve written. The process itself is pretty simple, so let’s get started!

First of all, lets sign in to a PageWiz account here, and click ‘Create New Landing Page’.


Now, we’ll choose a template. As I want to promote my e-book, I’ll choose the one that I think is the best fit.

Of course, you can choose any other that catches your eye.


Once we choose the template, the PageWiz editor opens.

Lets start making the necessary changes so that our visitors know what sort of e-book they can expect to get.


As you can see, I’ve given the visitors several compelling reasons to get the e-book – it’s a complete guide, it includes secrets other people don’t want you to know, and it promises to help them make their very own viral theme today.

Scrolling down the page a bit, I make sure to provide people with more information about this one-of-a-kind e-book. Other than giving people more reason to download my e-book, I also ensure that Google doesn’t penalize me by having too little content on my page.


A few more reviews by my more avid fans, and we’re good to go!


A quick, but important, note. You may have noticed the tongue-in-cheek writing here. You can (and should) be flamboyant when it comes to writing your marketing texts. Your visitors are here to be entertained, persuaded, and above all, to leave their email address.


Don’t make promises you don’t (or can’t) keep, and don’t use fake recommendations. They are easy to spot, and have the opposite effect on your visitors as real recommendations, as they make people think there’s something wrong with your offering. Don’t have recommendations? don’t add any to your squeeze page for now.

And there you have it! Your squeeze page is now ready. And I really don’t think that any visitor to this page will be ready to leave with getting their free copy of Kittens and Meme’s.

What do you think?


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