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Mike Templeman, Foxtail marketing - Pagewiz Podcast

Helping SMBs Win at PPC: A Talk with Mike Templeman

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PPC-driven landing page campaigns can be an effective way to generate a lot of traffic, but badly-managed PPC can also be a swift budget sinkhole. This is a special challenge for small businesses that don’t have the revenue to spare on big PPC mistakes.

In this latest edition of the Pagewiz podcast, I interview Mike Templeman about how SMBs can succeed at PPC. Mike is the CEO of Foxtail Marketing, a digital agency that focuses on achieving quantifiable ROI for its clients.

In this podcast, Mike gets into:

  • Why it’s time to hold marketing agencies to high standards of accountability and ROI.

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  • Reviews distinctions among various PPC strategies, like remarketing, retargeting and programmatic.
  • The dangers of  “PPC campaigns being very easy to deploy, but very hard to master,” and how the inexperienced running an unoptimized PPC campaign is never going to see ROI on their campaign. Mike also details how SMBs can use research and data as the antidote to this danger.
  • His process for helping SMBs benefit from the marketing of the big boy companies without just blindly copying what they do. He talks SMBs through “leveraging the budgets of these larger groups, learn from it, and then effectively deploy a smaller budget.”
  • Why most SMB personas are too broad and waste money. Mike is adamant that SMBs must have clear personas and understanding of their customer’s journey before they can have a successful PPC campaign. He also goes into where SMBs can ferret out information and data they already have about their customers to develop accurate personas. He also points out how personas save time and money “if you ever do work with an agency, you can hand that right over to them and they are now up to speed on who you are targeting.”
  • Creating a lead nurturing plan when planning a PPC campaign so leads coming into the funnel don’t get abandoned, including how using low-cost options like retargeting, remarketing, email and social media to move leads through the funnel to purchase.

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  • PPC or SEO – where should SMBs invest their budget?
  • How highly-niched content pages can support both PPC and SEO campaigns, attracting traffic at lower costs.


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