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Creating Effective Banners

The Ultimate Process of Creating Effective Banner Ads

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Banner ads and landing pages provide an effective way to put your message in front of the exact target audience you want to reach. In order to make the most out of your online campaign budget, it is important to have a clear vision of your campaign’s objectives. Here’s how to start: Ask yourself these three questions: What? Who? Why?

  1. What is my campaign’s objective? Define exactly what your campaign’s goal is.
  2.  Who am I talking to? Define your target audience as distinctly as possible. Take into consideration features such as:  Habits, gender, demographics, income, location, etc.
  3. Why should people listen? Have a clear offer or statement that emphasizes the benefit.

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The Process

Effective banner ads campaigns are assembled from a series of steps the marketer wants his prospective customers to take. This series of steps ends up being the process the marketer uses to turn paid web traffic into transactions. The technical term for this is a Conversion Funnel, which is basically a metaphor that describes the decrease in numbers that occurs at each step of the process. Thinking of your online campaign as a funnel is essential to structuring an effective online banner ads campaign.

Creating Effective Banner Ads - Pyramid

(A simplified illustration of a conversion funnel)


Impressions: A measure of the number of times your ad is seen.

Visits: The amount of visitors that clicked your ad and entered the landing page.

Leads: The amount of visitors that completed the landing page’s call to action.

With this in mind, here are two additional questions that would be good to ask:

Where? and How?

Where would be the best place to present my message? Evaluate different media location that can enhance your campaign.

How should I construct the process? Or, how do I connect my landing page offer in a way that completes the message in the banner ads, and finally – how do I motivate visitors to convert?

Banner Ads Construction and Design

Once banner ads get the attention they so eagerly desire, it is now their job to make people aware of a unique offer, or present people with a great benefit that can be obtained. Great banner ads will attract a prospect to click them, and at the same time filter out unwanted visitors that have a poor probability of converting.


Here’s a deconstruction of the particles basic banner ads are made of:

Creating Effective Banner Ads - particles

There are various banner ads shapes, sizes and designs, as well as many location choices to display them – Here are a few techniques to get you started:


Attract people to check into your product with a short evoking statement. Try to focus on benefits, not features. Be short, simple, informative, and always try to provoke curiosity.

Creating Effective Banner Ads - foster care

Provide a special offer

Think how to incorporate an enticing offer that will grab people’s attention. When possible provide a FREE offer – It’s been proven that adding the word FREE increases click rate on almost any banner ads campaign.

Creating Effective Banner Ads - Aldiko

Call to action

Banner ads with strong calls to action, such as: “See it now!”, “Get it here”, still dramatically increase click though rate. Craft your CTA to blend with the banner’s offer.  Good CTAs can also be more specific, for example: “subscribe to the newsletter”, “Get the FREE eBook”. You get the idea.

Creating Effective Banner Ads - Cash

Size and Animation

Animated banner ads appeal the eye more than static ones, and usually generate better results. However, since many banner ads are displayed at the top of web pages, it is a good practice to create them in low file sizes. The idea is to make sure your banner ads load quickly, because if they don’t, it is most likely that many visitors will not get to see them.

Banner Ads colors

Choose banner ads colors that contrast with the website’s background color. Make sure your banner ads stands out from the rest of the clutter. Sometimes this can also be achieved by adding a frame to the ad, as you have probably seen on some Facebook ads.

Creating Effective Banner Ads - work less


Creative banner ads with high production costs can sometimes be seen on high traffic sites. While these types of banner ads are mostly used by big brands trying to increase brand awareness, it is still always good to learn from the best.

Here is a great banner that proves that if your copy is extremely funny, you can get people to endlessly click on a banner.

Creating Effective Banner Ads - Pringles

See how this banner campaign made a great use of banner placement.


Another example of how creative thinking can turn a simple banner in to something people interact with.

Creating Effective Banner Ads - Mc

Brilliant copy will always do the trick.

Creating Effective Banner Ads - smoking

Connecting Your Banner Ads and Landing Pages to Maximize Conversion

A good landing page will be carefully crafted for a specific audience coming from a particular ad. Let’s take a look at a few techniques that will help us create a tight connection between our banner ads and our landing pages, and as a result – create a sense of continuity. This sense of continuity will improve the way we guide our visitors though the process, and increase the results of our conversion funnel.

3 Tactics that create continuity

Asking and Answering

Banner Headline: Where will I get the best mortgage rate?
Banner CTA: Find Out

 Creating Effective Banner Ads - rates

Promising and Providing

Banner Headline: FREE PDF Reader/Writer
Banner CTA: Get it here

Creating Effective Banner Ads - PDF

Provoking and Reassuring

Banner Headline: Your computer may be at risk!
Banner CTA: Get Protection

 Creating Effective Banner Ads - Adware

4 additional landing pages tips before we part

  1. Emphasize the value – Make sure your offer is compelling to your audience, and create strong copy that emphasizes the value.
  2. Remove distractionsMake sure your visitors are not confused about how to fulfill your offer, make things clear and easy  to understand. Limit navigation and try avoiding complex designs.
  3. Social sharing – Encourage visitors to tell others by using social media features.
  4. A/B Testing – Take the time to run A/B tests on your landing pages. For more information about A/B testing techniques and strategies, check out this two piece article: Optimize me.


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