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Landing Page Design Doesn’t Have to Be Hard. Read These Awesome Tips!

By Ron Sela on May 12, 2014

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Landing Page Design

There is no doubt that your website’s landing page design has a tremendous impact on your success. It is imperative that your landing page design is visually appealing, easy to navigate, up-to-date, and well-designed if you hope to convert traffic into something valuable. It should come as no surprise that for many people simply the thought of designing this one page is met with intense anxiety. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Creating your website’s landing page design does not have to be a time consuming project that leaves you with a headache.

Below you will find several tips intended to take the difficulty out of landing page design. Put these ideas to use and see how much easier this can be.

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Did you know that people process images 500x faster than they do text? As a result, high-quality graphics are an important part of your landing page design. While you don’t want to overdo it, you definitely want something that catches the eye and draws the viewer in. If your primary source of anxiety regarding your landing page components is related to graphics, you are in luck. There are several websites dedicated to helping you create just the page you are looking for, even if you are not entirely certain what that is.

Sites such as or give you the ability to design your own stunning visuals, even if you are completely new to the world of graphic design. Both sites have a huge array of stock photos to choose from and offer step-by-step tutorials to walk you through the process. Best of all, Canva gives you the chance to try before you buy. Design for free, share drafts with clients, and pay when you publish. It’s as simple as that!


PageWiz is an online landing page design tool that offers a free 30 day trial. You can start with absolutely nothing and end up with a great landing page design that is optimized for maximum conversion. PageWiz has a variety of high conversion landing page templates to get you started, then you can customize by simply pointing and clicking your way to the perfect landing page design.

PageWiz offers several additional features, such as built-in A/B testing conversion. This gives you the chance to create more than one possibility to see which one most effectively converts. This is done using up-to-the-minute stats giving you the option of making changes to your page in real time to increase your conversion rate.


If you simply do not think you have what it takes to creating a landing page components of your dreams, look for someone who can. There is nothing wrong with admitting to yourself that, while you may be good at many things, this is simply not one of them. Just as you would hire a seamstress to alter a wedding dress, you can hire a designer, who is a pro at this kind of thing.

There are several sites, such as Freelancer, Dribble, and Behance that give you the opportunity to search through numerous designer’s portfolios for one that looks like a good fit for your job. You also have option of posting a job and letting interested designers contact you.

There truly is no other easier way to take the difficulty of out of landing page components design than to hire a qualified person to do it for you.


While graphics draw attention, it is the copy that sells your page.

If you are having difficulty coming up with just the right marketing message to reach your target audience and stand out above the thousands of other marketing messages in the world, don’t shy away from getting professional help. Skilled copyrighting teams specialize in creating attention grabbing, persuasive, and memorable copy.

In addition, they are often experts at SEO keyword density, generating captivating headlines, constructing media releases, and much more. There is no denying that your website’s sales copy can make the difference between your success or failure.

If you are not certain about this aspect of designing a landing page, seek professional help.


A recent study conducted by found that you can increase your conversion by up to 80% by using videos on your landing page design. The truth is, many people are rather lazy and prefer to watch something entertaining than read anything at all. In addition, videos increase the amount of time a person stays on your page, giving them longer to absorb your message. While it is always a good idea to include yourself or your employees in your video to increase your trust factor, there are other options.

Fiverr is a website that gives you easy access to thousands of individuals who are able to deliver customized video commercials, video intros, and more. If you have already created a video, they still offer plenty of services that could prove to be beneficial. Post production and expert video editing can take you video to a whole new level. Well-designed landing pages are absolutely essential in today’s business world. While 96% of visitors do not make a purchase during their first visit, capturing a lead is the next best thing.

You need the chance to capture a visitor’s contact information in order to add them to your sales funnel. Continued marketing is the best way to influence them to buy from you down the road. However, as crucial as this page is, it does not have to be as difficult to create it as many people may believe it is.

Using the tips above, you can construct the landing page design you need to capture the leads necessary for your business to thrive.


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Ron Sela is an Inbound Marketing Manager at PageWiz. Named one of the Top 50 Influencers in B2B Marketing (#14) by Onalytica and a Top 50 Influence Marketing Blogger by InkyBee, Ron is a digital marketer and conversion optimizer, focusing on maximizing ROI with content marketing campaigns.